I ❤️New York 

I ❤️ NY It really is such a great city. I think I grew up with the notion that New York was this “evil empire” (Yankees), so I never fully appreciated all it had to offer. But being married to a New Yorker and taking multiple trips to the big apple over the past few … More I ❤️New York 

Working Out For Two

I have been so excited and anxious to write this post! Some of you already know (and others might have guessed from my lack of blogging/intense workouts/wine drinking)….that I am PREGNANT!!! We are expecting baby Harrigan to arrive end of March/beginning of April (my due date changes every time I see the doc.) I can’t … More Working Out For Two

Tomato, Tomata

hey there! Before we dive head first into pumpkin season (my favorite), I wanted to share with you my very first homemade tomato sauce! My mom’s friend Frank (we call him Frank from Franklin, because his name is Frank and lives in Franklin, obviously) so generously drops off fresh tomatoes from his garden on our … More Tomato, Tomata

The Best Kind of BS

I’m back! Well, I didn’t really go anywhere but I just didn’t feel like blogging 🙂 But now it’s Monday morning, I just scarfed down a delicious egg sandwich on the way to the train after a great workout and I’m ready to attack the day!  (I wish I took a pic of my great … More The Best Kind of BS