I Have a One Year Old?!

I have a one year old, how is that possible?!  This year seriously flew by!  Well, I guess during the sleepless nights, I would say differently.

What a difference a good night’s sleep makes, am I right?! I woke up feeling so refreshed and like a new woman this morning. (Thanks for sleeping through the night Nolan!) Such a difference from yesterday -Brendan and I both crawled into bed by 7:45pm because we were exhausteddd- and yes the sun was still out.

I don’t know if 12 month sleep regression is a real thing but we had been experiencing it the last week or so. Last night it took forever for Nolan to settle down, then he woke up a couple times during the night, and was up for good at 3:45am. He would only settle if I was holding him (I suck at letting him cry it out.) Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that he immediately stops crying and snuggles into my shoulder when I pick him up, but I need sleep too, dude! The lack of sleep makes my 90 minute commute and working a full day at a desk near impossible- especially since I’m pregnant and have to limit my coffee intake! Man oh man.

Ok just had to vent for a minute. It’s really not that bad and it could be a lot worse. And he was back to being a great sleeper last night! Not sure how long it will last but I’ll take it. Now we just need to work on his naps at daycare.

In other news, we celebrated Nolan’s first birthday this past weekend! (It had been delayed a week because the poor kid had the stomach bug on his actual birthday.) In typical New England style, there was a snow/sleet/rain storm – happy April Fool’s! So it ended up being a small, intimate celebration. Since it was near opening day, we had a baseball theme party. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the decor, but I swear it was cute.

Hi Stella!!

I also made applesauce cupcakes instead of buying a cake. I didn’t love the idea of giving Nolan a piece of cake with frosting loaded with sugar, butter, and a bunch of other processed ingredients. I know all of that is fine to have on occasion, but he has a sensitive stomach as it is, so I figured why give him that stuff on his birthday that will probably make him sick anyway? Luckily Detoxinista had the same sentiments and I found a great recipe on her site:


The cupcakes were delicious, and Nolan loved them too! The coconut whipped cream frosting on the other hand wasn’t as great. It tasted delicious, but I just couldn’t get the consistency right.  I need to try it again.

I actually made Brendan run out and get “real” frosting for everyone else, and he did a great job of selecting an organic sugar free kind. But we failed again because we don’t have a hand mixer. So Brendan did the best he could with a blender- and I have to say they came out pretty good!

Of course I didn’t take pictures of those either- but here’s a picture of Nolan digging in:

I would say overall the party was a success, and I promise I’ll get better at planning and hosting them as the years go on 😉

Bump update:

I’m feeling SO much better! I think the “morning” sickness is behind me now. The only thing I still struggle with is just my lack of energy-being pregnant while working and chasing around a one year old is tiring! (But I also think you are just always tired being a parent?)

I have managed to squeeze in some workouts though!  Here are a couple pictures of our gym date (my mom watched Nolan so Brendan and I could go to the gym together.- I know, we are pathetic.  But I really miss working out together!)

And here’s me doing a little prenatal yoga at 6am before the boys woke up 😉

Now that the weather is getting nicer (minus that snowstorm last weekend), we’ve been going for family walks when we get home from work, and I love it. The fresh air and sunshine makes me so happy- I swear, someday I’ll move down south! (Brendan is saying “yeah right”.)

And just because everyone loves pictures of pregnant bellies 😉 , here’s a picture of me at 17 weeks this pregnancy and last pregnancy:

I really feel so much bigger this pregnancy, but comparing bumps, I guess there isn’t much difference. (Smaller boobs, wider hips, same bump.)

I also haven’t had any weird food cravings. Although, we did give up IceCream for Lent, so I can’t wait to have some after Easter. Oh and ps, if you haven’t tried Halo Top IceCream yet, you have to!! It has WAY less sugar/fat/calories compared to the regular stuff, but I swear, it still tastes SO good! Peanut butter cup is my favorite kind so far, but we have way more flavors to try.

Ok that’s it for now. Let’s end with a throw back picture of leaving the hospital with Nolan- I can’t believe this was a year ago!! (I was terrified walking down this hallway to our car- and look at us now- we made it through a year! *virtual high five* Brendan <3)



One thought on “I Have a One Year Old?!

  1. Heck-you can’t believe Nolan is 1 y.o….I can’t believe YOU have Nolan…you were just 1 yrs old yourself about what seems an hour ago. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!


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