Here We Go….Again!

Hi there!

Yes, I’ve been MIA for awhile.  (It’s hard being a full time working mom!)  But I’m back…and I’m going to jump right in with some exciting news:  I’m pregnant again!! 🙂

Nolan and baby #2 will be a year and a half apart.  He’s not quite sure how he feels about this news though….


(This was our attempt at a “baby announcement” pic haha.  Oh and yup, I am due on Labor Day- how ironic is that?!)

I am pretty excited to have another baby on the way, but also a little nervous about having two under two!  We will certainly have our hands full.  I need to learn all the organized mom tricks I can (meal prepping, freezer meals, nap routine, any routine for that matter.  I’m not so good with routines, or schedules, or planning.)

Since I started this blog to talk about my triathlon training (and got sidetracked by pregnancy #1), I figured I would start it up again to track my fitness routines and eating habits throughout pregnancy #2.  Its really for me to hold myself accountable, but for anyone that wants to follow along on this journey with me!  And of course I will still be sharing random stories, recipes, products, thoughts and fears as the weeks progress.

To quickly catch you all up, I am now between 14-15 weeks pregnant (and already showing.) I showed a lot sooner this time around! Actually, a random woman at work yesterday passed me in the hall, pointed at my belly and asked “Are you pregnant??” ! I could not believe this woman, whom I hardly knew, asked me that! Especially since I am not that far along.  Didn’t she get the memo that you NEVER ask a woman if she’s pregnant, even if she’s like 7 months along, you NEVER do that!  I mean, thank God I am actually pregnant, otherwise that would have been super awkward.

unnamed (1)

As for my workouts, they have been pretty non-existent for the first trimester.  This pregnancy has been SO different from my first one.  This time around I was throwing up for weeks 6-12 (and still make the occasional dash to the bathroom).  Before I got pregnant, I had been doing crossfit 2 mornings a week, but unfortunately had to stop because I was so sick in the mornings.  I was pretty bummed because I wanted to be one of those fit moms who crush crossfit throughout their pregnancy.  Oh well, maybe with baby #3 😉  (Brendan just had a heart attack reading that.)  The morning I took a (first of many) pregnancy test was actually Christmas eve, and I did the “12 days of Christmas” workout at Crossfit.  (Those of you that do Crossfit know that one is a serious endurance one.)  I usually LOVE that WOD, but this time I felt like I was dyinggg.  I was so dramatic after every rep in the later rounds (bent over, hands on knees, gasping for air.)  But I remember thinking “this is going to be one bad ass baby”.

And then shortly after, morning all day sickness hit hard.  So I hung up my nanos, and pretty much put my feet up on the couch for the rest of the first trimester.  I attempted to run a few times, but I would quickly get light headed or bad cramps, and need to walk.  So I took a break from working out.  Which was VERY hard for me.  I HATE not being active.  (I think Brendan hates it too because I am super moody and not my cheerful self when I don’t workout.  Add pregnancy hormones and a teething baby to the mix, and man oh man what a rough few weeks that was!)  But we all made it through, and now I am ready to tackle the second trimester.


Today it was in the 50s (yipee!) so I snuck out on my lunch break for a “quick” run.  I only did two 10 minute miles, but it felt so good to get outside and move!  I am hoping the warmer weather gets here quickly so I can go for more runs and take Nolan for walks.  (I hate the winter months so much.) In the meantime, I am planning on doing more strength workouts at home.  We recently created an at home gym in our basement, but I need to do a better job of taking advantage of it.

unnamed (2)

For now I am going to enjoy the runner’s high, open the windows to get some fresh air, and make a crockpot chicken chili for dinner 🙂

Stay tuned for more pregnancy adventures!



One thought on “Here We Go….Again!

  1. YAY-you’re back on the blog! Was just thinking about you the other day and wondering if you’d get back to your blog (like you have nothing else to do!). SUPER HAPPY that you’re going to have another one. You and Brendan are such an awesome mom and dad that your kids win the mom/dad lottery!! I did a 2 miler this morning, but at 70 years old it’s only a 15 min mile…I’ll never see my 10 min miles again. Heck, at least I’m still running. Auntie Barbara and Mary are doing the Disney Half next year with me. Should be fun. Looking forward to reading your blog. Love you so much. Auntie Linda.


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