5:30am train rides are so much better with coffee. (Most things are better with coffee for that matter.)

I still haven’t purchased a new book for the train yet, so let’s recap my weekend to make the commute go by faster 🙂

Friday- hmm what did I do Friday night? Oh yeah, I remember, Nolan was not a happy baby that evening and I pretty much tossed him at Brendan the second he walked in the door from softball and poured myself a glass of wine (#mommyfail).

Saturday- Saturday was so great! To redeem myself after being a cranky stressed out mom/wife the night before, I got up and made pancakes. I tried a new protein pancake recipe using Greek yogurt and oatmeal (we are trying to get away from using protein powders) and they came out so good!

I found the recipe here:

Protein Pancakes- Tastes Better From Scratch

I swapped the cottage cheese for Greek yogurt because I’m not a fan of cottage cheese. And if you are, you are weird. (Jk)

The texture was perfect. We added blueberries, banana, and a few choc chips. So yummy! Definitely keeping this recipe.

After breakfast my mom came over and watched Nolan so Brendan and I could go out for the afternoon. And where did we go first? The gym of course!

(And yes those blue pants are my new favorite pants. I need to get them in black so it’s not obvious when I wear them all the time ☺️)

We had a great workout together. I seriously miss going to the gym with Brendan so much. I know that sounds pathetic, but we pretty much used to workout almost everyday together. Actually, the first (and only one needed) pickup line Brendan used on me was in a hotel gym in Indiana. So the gym is a special place for us. And when Noanie said she would come over for the afternoon to watch Nolan, it only made sense that we went to the gym for our date!

After crushing squats and kettle bells, we ran a few errands (note to self: never go to the Walmart in Walpole on a Saturday afternoon) and then went out to lunch at one of my favorite places: Mick Morgan’s!

I had a delicious salad with chicken and an even more delicious beer (ok two.) (Also note the 3 french fries I stole from Brendan’s plate 🙂 )

Although we were sweating sitting outside (my bad) it was such a great day date with Brendan. Pancakes, squats, and Mick Morgan’s- what an awesome Saturday.

After lunch we headed home to our sleeping son and relieved/tore away Noanie from her babysitting duty.

That night we had an impromptu dinner over Auntie Cathy and Uncle Steve’s with Nicole and the girls. (We were planning on a movie outside in the yard, but Mother Nature had other plans. Womp womp.) but it was so great seeing the girls! I hadn’t seen them in too long- we need to do that more often. (And I need to take pictures next time!)

Sunday: We were dog sitting for Kenny and Xena, but since our crazy dog Cora doesn’t get along so well with their dog, I stayed over their house Saturday night. On Sunday I was supposed to run with the running group, but since we were staying at my brothers house in Walpole and were up late/didn’t sleep well (and it was 90% humidity) I bailed on them. Sorry girls, I’ll be there tonight I promise! Instead I had a nice relaxing cup of coffee with Nolan and Tilly and watched the morning news.

Later that day Brendan came over and we watched the Sox game as a family and made healthy-ish nachos.

The verdict is still out whether Nolan will be a Sox fan or a Mets fan, but I’m pulling hard for our Boston boys.

And that’s pretty much it! A lazy Sunday and I loved it.

Ok I’m off the train and walking to work. I’m going to put the phone down so I don’t get mistaken for a Pokemon player!


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