Don’t call it a comeback 

I’m back! I took a break from blogging to give birth to a handsome baby boy who is now almost 4 months old! It’s been a crazy/amazing adventure and I love that it’s only just begun 🙂 

Meet Nolan Patrick:

This boy cracks me up. 

Becoming a mom is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me (aside from meeting Brendan of course.) Nolan is starting to smile and laugh frequently and it makes the poopy diapers all worth it. 

As far as this blog goes, I won’t bore you with the new mom struggles, but I will share some funny stories along the way (sprinkled with some venting.)

So let’s get back to what this blog was originally created for: fitness fun. 

In addition to figuring out this whole parenting thing, I’ve been slowly getting back into working out.  My schedule is certainly limited now, so I don’t get to exercise nearly as much as I was pre-baby, but I’ve been doing what I can. I’ve joined a mom’s running group in my town and it’s been just what I needed to get me back on the road. I usually run with the group on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. I love running with these ladies because it prevents me from making excuses to bail out on a run. Everyone runs at their own pace and there’s no pressure to run faster or farther, you just do whatever you are feeling that day. It’s also been a great way for me to meet new people in Franklin since we still don’t really know many people out here. 

Here’s a few pics of my new running friends: 

I’ve always wanted to be in a mom’s running group. Ever since I read Kristen Armstrong’s book “26.2”. I was always envious of the runs (aka therapy sessions) she would have with her close friends, mainly because my running buddy moved to California a few years ago and I’ve pretty much been running solo ever since (other than when I attempt to keep up with Brendan.)  So I love that I found a group to run with. Now I just need to get my endurance back up so I can actually talk to these women as we run!

I’ve also ventured back into Crossfit. I was hesitant to do it again, but I really just needed something to kick my post baby butt back into shape. I’m not as motivated at the gym by myself (I can’t go with Brendan anymore since someone needs to take care of the little guy) so I figured Crossfit would do the trick for me. I only bought a ten class pass because I’m still figuring out my new schedule, so I knew I couldn’t commit to 3+ times a week. But for the past few weeks I’ve been going Wednesday and Friday mornings at 5:30am and that seems to be working. And holy crap am I sore! I honestly forgot the pain that Crossfit inflicts. But I sure did miss that feeling! It’s also crazy how much my body has changed after having a baby. I know I have abs somewhere but I sure couldn’t find them when I was attempting to do toes- to- bar. And push-ups? Why are they so hard now? Pull-ups? Forget it! So yes, it’s been extremely hard returning to Crossfit and I have to seriously scale every workout-but you know what? I don’t care. I don’t care what my score is or how much weight I lifted. All I care is that I’m getting a good workout and I feel great.   

Because at the end of the day, all that matters is snuggles with my little guy 

So I will use this blog to track my postpartum runs and workouts and to share any random stories along the way 😊


7 thoughts on “Don’t call it a comeback 

  1. Honey-you never cease to amaze me…inspiration to so many. You go girl…just wait til Nolan can out run you and Brendan!


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