5k at 25 weeks 

Hi there! It’s been a while so I figured I would check in. Also it’s Christmas Eve and I am on my way into work so I figured I would blog to put me in a good mood instead of grumbling about the fact that this train is empty and I have to go into work today.

Who’s excited for the holidays?? It really doesn’t feel like Christmas this year- probably because it is supposed to be 68 degrees today!! WTH?? But I am doing my best to stay in the holiday spirit. Last night Brendan, Cora and I dressed in our new Christmas pjs (well not Cora, but she did have her new collar on!), made some cocoa, and took a drive around Franklin to see all of the Christmas lights. (It was raining and we were a little disappointed by the display, but it was still fun!)

Tonight we are going to my brother and sister-in-law’s after church and then we will come home and read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas and exchange the one ornament we bought for each other 😊

Then on Christmas morning we will wake up early, go for a nice family run, open our stockings and then head to my moms to open presents with the siblings, followed by my aunt and uncle’s for dinner. I am pretty excited for the next few days!

Speaking of being excited, I completed a 5k this past weekend! It was the Jingle Bell Run In Somerville (that is where we got engaged at the St. Patrick’s day run) and I did it with Brendan and my friend Kiley.

 (Brendan dressed in an Olaf onesie, of course)

And my shirt said “Mistle Toes” with the imprint of two little baby feet- how cute is that?!

The race was a lot of fun! I wasn’t sure if I’d run the whole thing or if I’d need a walk break – but I ended up running the whole time! The three of us ran the first mile together and then since Kiley and I were just chatting the whole time about babies, Brendan picked up the pace and finished the last two miles on his own. Kiley and I stayed together and talked the whole time. (She was a great distraction/running buddy and I learned a lot about breast feeding and being a working mom!) We finished in 31:19, so a 10:05 pace – not bad for 6 months pregnant! I was happy with how we did and it was a great time!I really felt good running! The only thing is I wish I wore the belly band for more support because the large bouncing stomach did feel a little uncomfortable.

We followed the race with breakfast at one of our favorite places – Cafe Mirror. It’s a little dive place we used to go to all of the time when Brendan lived in Brighton, and any time we are in a 20 mile radius of that place we make a point to go 😉 Kileys husband Brian and little baby Ben met us there. I wish I took a picture because he is the cutest little baby!! I can’t wait for our babies to be friends 😄

I am not sure how much longer I will keep running. It steel feels ok- no pain, but just starting to get uncomfortable. So when it starts to not be fun any longer, then I’ll switch to the indoor bike or yoga or swimming (all of which I need to do more of if I want to hop back into triathlon training post baby anyway!) But for now I am just doing whatever feels good and whenever I feel like it.

My back has also started to hurt (thanks to the soccer ball sized uterus and my massive boobs) so I have been cutting back my activities and scaling on the weights. I do feel however that the strength training and prenatal yoga really have been helping to keep pregnancy pains at a minimal thus far. And I am walking as much as I can. Having a Fitbit really helps keep me motivated (especially now that my brother has one, there’s a little friendly competition.)

People at the gym have started to comment- nothing negative (although they might think it), more just congratulating me on the pregnancy. I’m at the point where I am clearly pregnant so they feel comfortable approaching me and asking me when I’m due and how I’m feeling. Brendan wants me to pretend one time that I’m not pregnant to see their reaction but I could never do that. 😂

14 weeks to go, can you believe it?!?

Oh and here is a picture of Kiley and me after crossfit last year when she was 25 weeks pregnant, and then the two of us on the right with me 25 weeks pregnant at the race – how cool is that?!

Ok that’s it for now-happy holidays everyone!!! Enjoy this time with loved ones ❤️


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