Pushing Through Pregnancy Workouts

Woohoo it’s almost Friday! And we have another fun but busy weekend ahead of us 🙂

Let’s first recap this week’s workouts:

Monday: Strength: Back Squats; WOD: 7 rounds of 7 burpees, 7 cleans, and 7 thrusters (this is the one I didn’t feel so well after)

Tuesday: Prenatal yoga (much needed after a few stressful weeks at work)

Wednesday: Strength: Arms; WOD: a fun little chipper: 150 singles (jump rope), run 6 laps (mini indoor track), 15 knee ups, 100 singles, 4 laps, 30 mountain climbers, 75 singles, 2 laps, 30 mountain climbers. I felt I was able to pace myself well on this one and didn’t feel too crappy afterwards. (I modified the double unders, toes to bars, v ups, and sit-ups to singles, knee ups, and mountain climbers)

At night Brendan and I took Cora for a short little run. Brendan had a great idea to put one of our reflective arm band lights around Cora and she loved it! Safety first. 

 It’s great taking Cora for a run because I get to stop much more often 😉
Thursday: Strength: Front Squats; WOD: Partner Workout 10 minutes of 10 box jumps or step ups, 10 kettle  bell swings, run one lap. Brendan and I did this one together and while one partner was doing one set, the other rested. (I really appreciate these built in rests when pregnant!) 

Step ups:


Kettle bell swings (pregnant belly):


I’m happy that running still feels ok  . I have to go much slower and frequently feel like I have to pee, but for the most part it doesn’t feel too uncomfortable yet. 

And for when it does start to feel uncomfortable to run or when it gets too cold/snowy, whichever comes first, check out my early birthday present that my awesome husband got me to combat the winter blues:

An indoor bike trainer!  I am SO pumped about this! I’ll do a full post later on getting this setup, how it feels riding while pregnant, and how I ruined my birthday surprise 😉
For now, time to read my Nora Roberts book for the remainder of the train and mentally prepare for the work day ahead!


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