A NYC Marathoner’s Wife’s Recap

24 hours after watching the NYC marathon I had already signed up for next year’s lottery. 😊

After my last one, and the one before that, and the one before that, I said I would never run in another one. But there is something about the marathon that draws you back in. And cheering along the runners from all over the world in Central Park, convinced me that maybe I have one more in me 😉

But enough about me- let’s recap that day! 

As I wrote about in my last post, my mother and I were staying at a friend’s apartment right off Broadway. 

We woke early in the morning and headed out for coffee and a walk through Central Park. 

It was a peaceful stroll through the park, yet you could feel the anticipation building of the race to follow in a few short hours. 

After packing our bags back at the apartment, we headed out for a 30 block walk to Rob and Jess’s apartment for a pre-marathon viewing brunch.

While we were enjoying this delicious spread, our runner Brendan had been at the starting line for a few hours waiting for the gun to go off .

Rob had The NYC Marathon app set up on his IPad with Brendan ready to be tracked. They propped the IPad up against the tv, so we could watch the marathon coverage and keep an eye on the green dot (aka Brendan) moving along the course tracker. 

It was a fun morning surrounded by friends and family, making signs, and eating the delicious food prepared by Jess, while tracking Brendan.

Rob had Brendan’s projected splits all printed out, and according those (and his wife) he was running way too fast. But he was keeping a steady pace, regardless of how fast he was going b

When he was at about mile 15 we all headed for a walk across the park to wait for Brendan around Mile 23. It was a blast cheering for the runners at this point. Most were looking a little beat up and could really use some encouragement. (I’ve been there before- and it’s not a pretty site.) But watching so many runners fight through the pain and take another step towards their goal is something that can’t accurately be expressed in words. It’s more than inspiring. It’s something you have to experience to truly appreciate. Watching these runners fight through the wall made me decide that maybe I have one more marathon in me. 

Speaking of The Wall, my lovely Brendan came face to face with this ugly mythical beast. He was on track for a 3:45 up until around Mile 20 when his body decided to reject running. We were still tracking him on our phones and we noticed the little green dot was slowing down and at some points seemed to be stopped all together. (Talking to Brendan after the race he confessed that he stopped “lose his lunch” a few times during those last few miles.) But he was still on track for a sub 4:30 and we were all having a great time cheering on the other runners as we waited for him to approach. 

And soon enough we saw my bearded bald headed love running towards us. 

Our friend Dom dressed in a Snoopy costume (Halloween was the day before) so we were easy to spot. 



Yay! I love you!!!  
I got to walk with him for a little bit and check in on how was he was doing. He said he was hurting but there was no doubt that he would finish. 


So I kissed him and told him I’ll see him at the bar.  (Rob and Jess had reserved the back of a local bar and that was to be our meeting/celebration place for post race.)

He struggled along for a few more miles and finished in 4:27!!

Looking back I wish I could’ve been with Brendan at the finish line, but it was $75 for a ticket to the finish line area and you still couldn’t meet up with the runners for about a mile after the finish. 

It took the poor guy almost an hour after he finished to go a few stops on the subway, puke a few more times, and meet us at the bar.

A little beat up but he did it!! And I couldn’t be more proud of him ❤️

Now I can’t wait to do one together 😉


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