I ❤️New York 

I ❤️ NY

It really is such a great city. I think I grew up with the notion that New York was this “evil empire” (Yankees), so I never fully appreciated all it had to offer. But being married to a New Yorker and taking multiple trips to the big apple over the past few years has completely changed my view. I love the city! And this past weekend I got to share the experience with my mom on a lovely mother- daughter adventure.

We were in town to watch Brendan run in the NYC Marathon! (He went down earlier with the dog and was staying with his parents.) We took the train from CT (we drove from my house to CT Friday night, then got on a train Saturday morning) and arrived at Grand Central station. Grand Central was as big and beautiful as it is in the movies!


We then strolled the streets through Time Square and down Broadway until we got to Steven’s apartment.

Steven is Brendan’s friend from home who offered up his apartment to my mom and I for the weekend. (And even left us chocolates on the bed- thanks Steven!)

After relaxing for a few and grabbing some food, we headed back out for a stroll down Broadway. Steven got us awesome tickets for The Lion King!!

And mom treated herself to a “Mufasa Margarita”, in a Lion King sippy cup.

I had a Sierra Mist just so I could get a cool souvenir cup too 😉

The show was amazing!! I almost cried during the Circle of Life (thank you pregnancy hormones).

And after the show we got a backstage tour! It was so neat to see what happens behind the scenes.

And we got to go on stage!

Everything about the show was awesome- I strongly recommend seeing it if you haven’t!

After Lion King we headed to Central Park to see where the finish line of the marathon would be.

I wouldn’t pose for a picture at the finish because I said I only want my picture taken at this spot if/when I’m crossing the finish line 😉

Honestly just walking the last mile of the course was so inspiring. I love Central Park and marathons- and to have the two merging into one amazing experience is like a dream (or a nightmare, depending on your view of the last mile of a marathon.)

After checking out the finish line we headed out to find some dinner. We had no plans other than finding a place that wasn’t a chain and looked like it had good food (pretty easy to do in NY).

We ended at a place called Angelo’s. There weren’t any seats available and I was getting hangry, so we just sat at the bar. (This was torture for a pregnant woman.)

But the pizza was delicious!!

I probably could have eaten this whole thing by myself. Good thing my mom was there to help.

After indulging in pizza and a soda water with cranberry and a lime 😉 we wondered back through the streets towards Steven’s apartment. I was in the mood for some type of sweet so we continued on until we came across a bakery. I decided on a Snickers cupcake (I love cupcakes) and my mom got a piece of chocolate mousse cake.

We took these back to the apartment to eat while we watched the Mets game (sorry Mets fans, it was a great season though!)

And I basically fell asleep with the cupcake in hand. I was wiped from our adventure! I looked at my Fitbit and we had walked over 25,000 steps that day (over 10 miles!)

Luckily we turned back the clock that night so I could get some much needed rest for another long day ahead.

I’ll recap the full marathon day tomorrow! Have a great Thirsday 😊


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