Energy: Consuming (and Some Burning)

Good morning! I’m on the 6:19am train this morning and have lots of energy for some reason. 

So let’s talk about food, our energy supplier.  Now that I’m at 16 weeks I’ve been feeling much better (aside from the nasty cold I had last week.)  With my normal appetite back (and then some), I’ve been able to get back on track with eating healthy,most of the time (ignore the last post where I indulged in a bagel sandwich, popcorn, and a donut 😉). So I wanted to share some of the yummy meals we’ve had lately:

Quinoa, steak, veggie stir fry:  

(I got a promotion at work,hence the red candles- thanks hunny! 😘)

Crockpot chicken enchilada soup with a Fall Harvest salad:

Here’s the recipe for the soup- this was so good and I would def make again:

The salad was a Weight Watchers recipe that I stumbled across in my recipe book. ( My recipe book looks like my grandmother’s- random pieces of paper and chicken scratch stuffed into a notebook, no organization)

Also in that notebook are classic handwritten recipes from my mom. (She wrote them out for me when I was in college, but I did very little cooking while at school. My go to meal was microwaved frozen veggies with melted cheese. Solid). Needless to say, I am finally putting her recipes to use. One staple that helped me get through the week of an awful cold was her beef stew. I don’t even really like beef that much, but the broth and veggies in this stew taste so good.  

 And work wonders on a cold!

For a healthy snack, this is one of my favs:

Apple sprinkled with cinnamon and dipped in plain Greek yogurt mixed with a Tbsp of PB. 

(Ignore the Jets coaster in the background. It’s hard being married to a Jets fan)

For breakfast, I had to mention this egg sandwich. It was epic. (I don’t know why I’m obsessed with egg sandwiches. I’ll even order them when we go out for breakfast)

Whole wheat toast, eggs, avocado, turkey bacon and tomato. Easily one of my favorite meals. 

Another awesome hearty breakfast we had was this Easy Cheesy Breakfast Caserole:

I found the recipe for this on pinterest:

Not the healthiest, but oh so good. And perfect for a Sunday morning after a long cold run. 

Brendan did 16 miles- his last long run before the NYC Marathon!

And I did 4 very slow, pregnant miles around my happy place :

It took a lot to get me out of the warmth and comfort of my bed, but I reasoned with myself that soon I might not be able to run (with my rapidly growing belly) and I should run now while I still can. 

And I was so glad I did! It was such a great run, I felt great afterwards, and it made breakfast taste even better!

Yay running! 

Ok time to get off the train. Have a great day- at least it’s not Monday!!


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