Awesome Autumn Outings

What an awesome unplanned day! (Aren’t those the best?) 

We woke up this morning with nothing on the agenda for the first time in months.  So, in typical Harrigan fashion, we started the day off at the gym followed by bagel sandwiches from Elizabeth’s bagels on the way home.   

 Solid start to the morning. 

Then I convinced Brendan to go apple picking because I’ve been wanting to go for the past two months but we never had a free day. 

We headed over to the local apple picking place- nothing fancy and there weren’t a ton of apples left on the tree. But there was enough left for us to enjoy the experience. (Ps – Brendan had NEVER been apple picking before! Isn’t that crazy?! I told him to get used to it because we will be taking our children every year😊)

  (I think my belly is almost as big as that bag of apples!) 
 Such a beautiful day!  
After our bushell was full and I was content with our Apple adventure, we decided to hit up a thrift store in Bellingham. 

I’ve been in the market for a coffee table for the living room.  I like the idea of a chest or trunk for a table, and I really liked this one from Pottery Barn:  

But there was no way in hell I was paying $700 for it!

Brendan suggested we check out some thrift/Good Will stores, so we found one that was nearby. 

And I am SO glad he suggested that! We found this chest, exactly what I was looking for, and it was only $30!!   


My plan is to refinish it- but I’m not sure if staining/painting/waxing is allowed when pregnant so it will either have to wait until April for a touch up or I’ll direct Brendan on what to do 🙂

I am just so happy we found a cedar chest at a bargain price! I need to go back to that store monthly for more potential finds!

After our success at the thrift store, we decided to also check out the local movie theatre to see The Martian. We got there a little early so we went inside Whole Foods next door to kill some time. (We were actually on the hunt for apple cider donuts because we were a little disappointed the Apple picking place didn’t have them.) And as luck may have it, there were 2 Apple cider donuts left!! 

( That’s not my picture, I found it on the Internet to give you an image of the deliciousness we experienced. I ate mine too fast for a photo.) 

When our fingers were licked free of every donut crumb, we made our way into the movie theatre.  

There was a small arcade section with multiple claw machines, so of course we had to play a quick game. 

And I won a blue tucan!!  

I was so excited and Brendan was even more proud that he has passed the family talent on to me ☺️

What a lucky day!

Anddd we then proceeded to buy a tub of popcorn (no butter- c’mon I need to pretend to be a little health conscious) to split and had no problem putting it away during the movie. Donut and popcorn, what a healthy lunch. Ehh oh well. 

The movie, by the way, was very good! I would def recommend seeing The Martian if you have an afternoon to kill. It was right up there with Apollo 13. 

After the movie we finally headed home and relaxed by the fire. This was the first fire we’ve had in our new home and it was the perfect ending to an eventful day!   

While the fire was dwindling I made a yummy dinner of whole wheat pasta, shrimp, and asparagus. (Brendan has a long run on the calendar so he was carbo loading a little bit today, and I was joining him because… I’m pregnant)  

Now we are relaxing on the couch waiting for the Mets game to come on. Go Mets!! (When in Rome)

Seriously an awesome day. 😍


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