Camping while carrying

Hey there! Fall is here! And I have some fun fall activities to tell you about- two pregnant “camping” adventures.

First up is camping with the Goosk’s. We had planned this camping trip around a half marathon in Connecticut. (It fit nicely into Brendan’s marathon training schedule and it was about half way between us an New York, where Rob & Jess are from.) Even though Brendan didn’t end up running (pulled calf muscle), it was still an awesome weekend and we got to cheer Rob on!

Go Rob go!

Brendan, Jess and I actually had a blast cheering on the runners. It was a smaller race so there was hardly any support out there on the course. All the runners that came by were thanking us for being out there, and clapping for US – they were seriously the nicest runners I’ve ever encountered!

After the race we ventured down to a nearby river and our runner Rob took a dip in “Nature’s Ice Bath” as he called it.

Brendan managed to soak his sore leg in the freezing water while I looked on from the rocks.

The rest of the day consisted of card games, building fires, eating food, and endless games of glow in the dark bocce.

  ( I did not drink any of the Tito’s in my hand in the picture above)

Actually, I would say that was the only hard part about camping while pregnant- not being able to enjoy an adult beverage. Not that I need to drink to have fun, but it’s just nice to sit around the campfire and have a couple of pumpkin beers. So that was tough at night when everyone was enjoying a nice “beer blanket” and I’m over here sipping on Poland springs.

Other than that though, being pregnant didn’t affect my camping adventure at all. (Ok, I’ll admit it was tough sleeping, but when is it ever comfortable sleeping while camping?!)

All in all it was a great weekend and I would say not to let pregnancy hold you back from camping!

The second “camping” adventure was our 3rd annual Upscale Camping trip with our New York friends. This year it was at Michele’s lake house in Monticello, NY.

Amazing views:
We got there late Friday after 5+ hours of traffic and I was fighting a pretty bad cold.  So after watching a little of the Mets game, I hit the hay pretty early. Our friends were nice and gave us the master bedroom, even though we were the last to arrive that night (perks to being pregnant!)

The next morning everyone did their own thing- Brendan and Rob went for a run, Steven biked, Michele and Rob C did a workout video, and others just relaxed. I really wanted to go for a run but I was up most of the night coughing (it stinks not being able to take any cold medicine when pregnant!), so instead I made a cup of decaf coffee and enjoyed the sun by the shore.

When everyone regrouped and Mel and Jared had arrived, the girls and Jeremy headed to pumpkin picking and the other guys went golfing.


Pumpkin selection compete.

After a stop off at Walmart on the way home for snacks (and I bought a pair of maternity yoga pants!) it was time for the Olympic Games to begin. (Michele, President of the Games, organized a whole series of events with rules and prizes)

Teams were chosen the night before and events discussed, so we were ready to get right down to business.

First event was hitting a golf ball across the lake.


Brendan and Steven were  the only two to successfully do this. Win for our team!
Next up was an egg hunt. (We got killed in this event)

Then we had one handed water balloon toss. Brendan and I lasted the longest for our team, but the other team still came out victoriously.

(The other team celebrating)

However, we redeemed ourselves in the next event: pumpkin painting/carving. We only had 20 minutes and limited supplies. So since Michele was the judge, we recruited her son Jack to help us out.

(I swear he helped at one point, but quickly got bored)

So we added the finishing touches, and ended up wining! Good strategy on our part 😉

The final event was Family Feud and we dominated! That secured our spot as champions of Upscale Camping Olympics 2015. 🙂

As part of the prizes for our team Brendan and I walked away with our own set of glow in dark bocce! Score! (If you haven’t played I suggest you do. Guaranteed fun.)  Now we have to plan a weekend for everyone to come to our house and break in the bocce!

The rest of the night consisted of drinking (me watching people drink) and the Mets.

Shortly after 10 I snuck away to bed and we hit the road pretty early the next morning (typical Harrigan style).

Another solid weekend with awesome people.

Moral of the story: you can totally go camping and still have fun while pregnant 😉


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