Tomato, Tomata

hey there!

Before we dive head first into pumpkin season (my favorite), I wanted to share with you my very first homemade tomato sauce!

My mom’s friend Frank (we call him Frank from Franklin, because his name is Frank and lives in Franklin, obviously) so generously drops off fresh tomatoes from his garden on our doorstop. It is so sweet of him, especially because we don’t really know anyone else in Franklin yet, and because we love tomatoes!

So one day when I was working from home I decided to be adventurous and make a tomato sauce from scratch with paleo turkey meatballs. 

First I blanched the tomatoes (I read somewhere if you make little X’s on the bottom before blanching the skin comes off easier. And I won’t pretend I knew what blanching was either- thank you google!)

Then I chopped up fresh parsley, oregano, and basil. 

When the tomatoes were blanched and peeled, I tossed them in a blender to purre and then added them back in the pot that already had onion and garlic sautéing on the bottom. 

I added the spices, brought to a boil, and then covered and let simmer for about 2 hours, then added some tomato paste to make it thicker. 

Meanwhile, I whipped up some paleo turkey meatballs (I didn’t take a picture of that process but it involved ground turkey, egg, almond flour, and spices.). I rolled those into balls and stuck in the oven for about 20″ until they were browned. 

Next I put the meatballs into the slow cooker and poured the sauce on top of them. I let that cook on low for another 2 hours or so until Brendan came home and it was ready to eat.   

I had also cooked up some whole wheat pasta to have with the meatballs and sauce. (I know that’s not paleo, but I’m not perfect.)

Overall I would say the meal was a success! (Brendan doesn’t love red sauce, because he’s weird, but he ate it and said it was good! Thanks for lying to me hunny 😉 )

I have to say I was so proud of my first attempt at homemade sauce. My grandmother would be proud. 

And since I had a few extra tomatoes, for breakfast I whipped up an omelette with tomatoes, cheese and basil. This literally took me 5 minutes (because that’s all the time I had before I was running out the door.)

2 egg omelette with a little cheddar inside. Chopped up tomatoes, basil, and some avocado while egg cooked and heated up a slice of turkey bacon. All came together in 5 minutes and I devoured it in 1. 

Ok that’s it for now. I promise next post will involve some type of fitness. I just needed to show off my culinary skills 😉


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