Building A FirePit & Backyard Camping

How is it already mid-September?! I didn’t even have time to get a tan this summer- can we rewind a few weeks?!

Alright, since I can’t turn the sundial back, let me at least skip back to last weekend to tell you about our outdoor camping adventure (in my blog you can time travel all you want.)

The weekend started off with a 20 mile run for Brendan (the NYC marathon is getting close!) and another adventure hike for me and Cora. This time I semi-knew where I was going, so I was able to safely navigate us on a 5 mile route- without having to call Brendan and have him pick me up because I was lost. 


This lake is towards the end of the trail- had to stop and admire the view for a minute. 

The rest of that day consisted of binge watching The Office and eating Chinese food (something we rarely do, but it was Brendan’s cheat choice post-long run. And I’m his wife, so I get to eat it with him because… just, well because I wanted to)

The next day was project day. On the  agenda: fire pit. 

Brendan and I had discussed buying a firepit vs buying a kit, or making one on our own. We went with the latter because it sounded like a great DIY project. 

So we headed to Home Depot and picked out the bricks. We needed 36 traps and 36 mini (we did a little research.)    

We also got some white rocks to put around the perimeter. 

Other supplies not pictured: 

Cement adhesive, a caulking gun, and metal insert for firepit

Then it was construction time!

I think the worst part was loading all the bricks into the car, and then unloading them and walking them to center of the yard. (I was the hand off person, Brendan did all the walking. It was a good recovery exercise from his long run 😉)

Once the bricks were all unloaded, we measured what the circumference of the circle should be. 


I was a great supervisor!


After a few hours of diligent/anal assembly and leveling, we were getting somewhere! 

If you ask Brendan what the hardest part was, he will tell you changing the cement adhesive out of the caulking gun.  

(Actually, don’t ask, he was pretty frustrated at that point haha.)

But soon enough, the masterpiece was finished! 

I can’t take any credit for it- I just picked out the bricks. Brendan did the whole thing by himself. 

What I CAN take credit for however, is setting up the tent!

While Brendan was sweating setting up the firepit, I decided it would be a great idea to camp out in the backyard and really get to put the firepit to use! We also had received new camping gear for our wedding (thanks Mom!) that we didn’t get to use yet this summer, so I wanted to test it out. 


Firepit in action :  
And of course we had to have S’Mores    


I used healthier options for the s’more ingredients:  

Low sugar graham crackers, vegan organic marshmallows, and organic chocolate. 

They were sooo good. But 2 is my limit, after that I don’t feel too well. 

After the fire went out we snuggled into the tent, Cora included 

(Please excuse the dog hair all over my pants)

Aside from Cora waking up to bark at whatever nocturnal animals are in our yard every 2 hours, I’d say it was a successful camping adventure ☺️

And ps- it was a nice relaxing spot to read/ eat breakfast/take a nap in the next day!  

I highly recommend building your own firepit and camping in your backyard!! Good ‘ol family fun and you don’t have to go anywhere. 


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