Found a Trail, Lost my Direction

Welp, it’s Monday. So if you read my blog last week- this morning was pretty much a copy of that. Squats and egg sandwich. I honestly love both of them so much- it’s the only way I can really motivate myself to get out of bed on Mondays. I know I will have a great leg workout if I can just get myself to the gym, then I will treat myself with an egg sandwich on the way to the train.

Workout recap: (it was only about 30 minutes today because I took a little longer to get out of bed and pack my bag like I should have done the night before)

Back squats: 10 x 105#, 8 x 125#,8 x 125#

Push presses (these felt so heavy today) 10 x 55#, 8 x 55#, 8 x 65#

Front squats (although I love back squats, I actually don’t love front squats. They just feel awkward to me. But I did them anyway, just kept the weight light) 3 sets of 6-8 @ 85#

Then I moved over to the free weight section, grabbed a 25# dumbbell and did alternating side lunges, 10xside and followed that with a set of split legged lunges off the bench (10xside). I alternated those exercises for 3 sets each. Then I sat my sweaty body down on the bench and did 3 sets of shoulder presses and called it a day for weights. Before hitting the showers I did a few ab exercises on the mat. Everytime I’m on the mat I think “I need to do yoga again.” And then I go about my day, my week, and it never happens. So my goal for September is to start going to a yoga class.

Egg Sandwich recap: Today I tried the healthier version (egg white, turkey bacon, spinach on an English muffin). Although it was good, it wasn’t as good as the original (eggs, bacon , and cheddar) You could tell the spinach was frozen and for some reason that just grosses me out.  But I was starving and didn’t care that much, so I quickly scarfed it down in the parking lot of the train station. (You should know that I only give myself a few minutes to spare in the morning. I was taking the last bites of the sandwich as the train pulled up to the stop. God forbid anyone was in line in front of me at the coffee shop. I would be screwed if I had to wait an extra 2 minutes for my breakfast).

Anywho, so that was my morning.

Let’s talk about the weekend for a minute.  How was your weekend? Mine was great. It was the first full weekend that we had no plans all summer and I loved it. Saturday Brendan headed out for a 16 mile run. I slept in until 7, then made myself a big bowl of oatmeal with a scoop of PB and banana

After breakfast I took Cora out for what I intended to be a small walk. But about a mile down the road I found a trail that looked intriguing. So Cora and I headed out on the trail.

I had no clue how long this trail was going to be, but it ended up being pretty long! I was so excited I found a new trail so close to home!

We had so much fun exploring! 
But when we came to the end of the trail, I had NO CLUE where we were! So I just took a right and kept walking, figuring I was bound to intersect a main street that I recognized. (Turns out I should have taken a left at that point. And yes, I had my phone with me, but I didn’t have great service at that point, so my GPS wasn’t working well). So Cora and I just kept walking. And then I realized according to my Fitbit we had already walked 3 miles through the forest and I knew we weren’t close to home. At that point Cora was starting to get a little hot, so I texted Brendan (who I knew was still running but would be home in half an hour) and said:

“Don’t freak out if I’m still not home when you get home- I got a little lost on the walk. Should be home by 9:30”

At that point my GPS finally kicked in and told me I went the opposite way I should’ve gone and that I was now 5 miles from my house. Whoops. Now, I would’ve been fine walking 8 miles, but I was also in long sleeves and pants bc it was chilly when I left, but now it was getting pretty hot out and Cora was slacking.

So I texted Brendan again:

“On second thought, can you come get us when you get home? I went the complete wrong way.”

After Brendan’s 16 sweaty miler, he jumped in the shower, laid down on the bed, then saw my text 🙂 Sorry Hun!

And he was quickly on the way to our rescue. I was able to navigate him to our whereabouts and he picked us up after we did a little over 5 miles.

It was a fun unplanned adventure!

When I got in the car Brendan also reminded me we had made plans to go out to breakfast (after I told him I had made some yummy oatmeal-oops! I have the worst memory).

Well, good thing I burned off breakfast #1 on the hike and I was ready for breakfast #2!

Tomatoe, basil, mozzarella omelette with homefrries 🙂

This was so good!

After breakfast it was project time around the house. I’ll update you on all the projects later- for now it’s time to get off the train!

Have a great Monday 🙂


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