Sunshine and Smiles 

Hey there! This has been a super busy work week and I haven’t been feeling great so apologies on the lack of blogging!

Before this weekend arrives though, I wanted to recap the fabulous weekend we had this past week.

Brendan, Cora, and I headed down to Long Island on Friday night after work.

Cora girl (on my lap) intently watching Brendan drive:

We stayed at his parents house that night and In the morning Brendan headed out for an 11 mile run. I slept in until 8am and it was so great 🙂  Then I took Crazy Cora out for a nice morning walk, and we ended up running into Brendan on his last mile. So we joined him in a family jog for the last part. I think I was sweating as much as he was at the end and I did 10.3 miles less than him lol. Then we indulged in some yummy New York bagels. I know as a Bostonian I hate to admit when New York is better than us in any way- but they really nailed pizza and bagels. And how bout them Mets?!

Anywho, after breakfast we hit the road and headed north? East? to Riverhead where Brendan’s aunt and uncle own a beach bungalow (which really isn’t a bungalow after all the amazing renovations they’ve done to it!). We left Cora with Brendan’s parents because we knew there would be other dogs at the bungalow and Cora doesn’t do so well with new dogs.  (Thanks Mom and Dad Harrigan for watching our crazy daughter!)

We spent the whole day at the beach on Saturday. It was so nice and relaxing. Aunt Diane and Uncle Steve outdid themselves with a lovely spread for lunch, dinner, and cheese and crackers- all right on the beach!

Hi B! 

(After taking this picture I realized I need to get my eyebrows done.)

In addition to delicious food, we played Kan Jam, swam out to the sand bar, and watched an amazing sunset.

Overall it was such a great day and good to spend time with Brendan’s family.  The whole gang was there- Aunt Diane & Uncle Steve, Meredith, Liz & Greg and their kids Madeline, Noah, & Paige. 

Oh and his muffins were a hit! I forgot to take a picture of the finished product but everyone loved them. They were even better the next morning with coffee.

Speaking of the next morning I woke up earlier than everyone else (per usual) so I snuck outside to read my book – which is really good by the way!

It was a nice and peaceful morning.  

When everyone else woke up we had breakfast and sat around the table playing Categories with cousin Paige. It was great.

Then unfortunately we had to head home. We stopped by Oceanside to say hi and grab Cora girl. And then we were en route back to Boston!

And this is where Cora decided she  wanted to sit for the ride. 
That dog haha.

Recap of this week’s workouts (nothing too exciting. Energy was lacking this week)

Monday: Took Cora for a walk (after hitting snooze multiple times and missing my window for a workout)

Tuesday: upper body workout at gym

Wednesday: 2.5 mile run

Thursday: I slept in this morning 🙂 Will run after work- I’m writing it here so I have to do it

Ok time to get off the train. Weekend is almost here!!


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