That’s Not Supposed To Go In The Dryer?

Morning!! Happy Friday 😃

Today began with a lovely run around the neighborhood. I was listening to the Lumineres Pandora station, watching the sun come up and totally loving life. Then as I crested a hill, I saw Brendan running toward me, and embraced me in a big sweaty hug. He decided he wanted surprise me and join me on my run today (at my pace, no watch). So we ran the last mile-ish together, nice and leisurely and it was great.  Then he made breakfast as I showered and got ready for work. Thanks for being awesome B.

Speaking of being awesome- Brendan also saved the day when I mistakingly dropped a knife into the dryer the other day. And when I say into the dryer, I mean down into the lint trap thingy. When I was cleaning out the lint screen, I had noticed there was a lot of lint down in the hole where I had pulled the screen out of. So I tried to get it out, but my hand was too big. Clearly a knife would do the trick! But unfortunately I only managed to push the lint farther down into the gap and drop the knife down there as well. Whoops! I couldn’t even see the knife. It disappeared into some magic hole in the dryer. So when Brendan returned from work, I told him how I was trying to save the family from a fire hazard, but managed to drop a knife down into the dryer.

Cora was very intrigued.

He had to unscrew the front section of the dryer and take it apart, but was able to find the knife (and the lint!) Yayy!!

Now I can never say to Brendan “That wasn’t supposed to go in the dryer!”  What would he do without me to make life more exciting? 😉

After that fiasco, we deserved some chocolate covered pretzels. (Brendan doesn’t really like these, so it was really just my treat)

And then we watched the Red Sox lose again as I fell asleep on the couch (typical evening).

Before the whole mishap with the dryer occurred, I was having a great work from home day. I felt very productive with my work tasks (I have to say that just in case anyone from work is reading this 😉) and then on my lunch break I did a 30″ yoga On Demand.

(Ignore our red/black “tv stand” – it’s just a temporary fix until we buy a new one)

And then I had a yummy snack of sliced Apple on a piece of whole wheat bread with PBFit and sprinkled cinnamon. So yummy.

Another healthy treat we made this week was banana chocolate chip muffins (with no sugar or butter). We wanted to make something to bring to Brendan’s family this weekend, so we went with healthy muffins. And Brendan was actually the one who made this batch- so we’ll see what the verdict is on the taste test tomorrow!

Nice muscles babe 😉

And now, I’m on the train drinking my coffee counting down the hours ’til our road trip to Long Island!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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