Dog On The Run

Well that was a heart pumping morning!

Our darling girl Cora decided to take off running this morning. (I might be partially to blame- I opened the door and she pushed right past me.)  But the build up to her escape started before we even got out of bed this morning. There was a pretty intense thunderstorm passing by, so at the sound of the first boom, Cora jumped on top of me and snuggled in between Brendan and I. (She HATES thunder/storms). So we waited until the storm passed to leave for the gym. But Cora did NOT want us to leave. Usually she could care less when we get up in the morning, but today she was following us around the house and was blocking us from leaving through the door.  I thought she would   eventually be fine, so I scooted her out of the way and attempted to sneak out the door. But Cora was the sneak! She pushed passed me and took off sprinting down the street! Luckily I was dressed in my gym clothes so I could go running after her. Brendan came sprinting after me in pursuit of our super fast dog. Cora kept running from me- she would stop, so I would stop, and then when I started towards her, she would take off again. (I can only imagine what this looked like to our neighbors.) Brendan had the brilliant idea to run away in the opposite direction from Cora to see if she would chase after him- and she did! The crazy girl ran after Brendan down the side street and then eventually ran home on her own. Phew! Crisis averted. 

And now she’s snuggled on the couch. This dog is going to give me a heart attack some day!  Who needs coffee when you have a crazy Cora?

After we got her back in the house, we were finally able to leave for the gym. Brendan had to get a run in too, so we did a quick upper body workout today. We did inclined chest press, pull-downs, bench press, and cable rows. Then Brendan took off running (in the pouring rain, and thunder and lightning- he’s nuts). I headed upstairs and did 25 kb swings and ran 2 laps and repeated that 4 times. 100 kettle bell swings is my go-to workout these days. It’s a good total body workout. That combined with running gets my heart pumping and makes the legs/butt feel great the next day. 

And this is how I feel immediately after:

Then I headed home to make breakfast and wait for Brendan to return from his seven mile stormy run. 

And I must say, I’m pretty proud of these egg sandwiches I made this morning. They were on point. 


Eggs, avocado, tomato, turkey bacon cheddar cheese and onion on a whole wheat English muffin. 

Maybe it’s because I was so hungry this morning. Or because I always love a good egg sandwich. Either way, these were delicious. And I wish I made two for myself. (But when Brendan runs 7 miles more than me, I can’t really justify eating the same amount as him. At least not all the time 😉) 
And that’s it. I’m working from home today, so hopefully there won’t be any more adventures with Cora girl throughout the day! 


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