Adventures With Ben


I could NOT get myself out of bed this morning. So instead of a run I had planned, it was snooze/cuddle time instead and I’m not mad about it πŸ™‚  I’ll just try and do something when I get home tonight. Brendan was away for the weekend, so I think snuggle time is excusable. 

Besides, I had an action packed weekend with my youngest brother Ben! (I had him come stay with me while Brendan was away because I hate being alone in the house ☺️)

I picked him up Friday night after parkour and Saturday morning we started the day off with a walk around the neighborhood with Cora girl. Then we headed to the Y. We were going to get some laps in the pool because Ben needs to swim in a physical test he will be taking for some military cadet training. However, the pool was occupied with swim lesson classes and wouldn’t be open to lap swim for another few hours. So instead, we did a weights workout. We did bench press, back squats, and push presses before we headed upstairs to Harrigans’ Hangout. 

Ben, future American Ninja Warrior, loved this area. 

I did 100 kettle bell swings while Ben was flipping around. 

Then we headed outside for a trail run/walk

(Ben is too cool for selfies)

It was such a fun adventure on the trails. (Minus almost getting run over by a few dirt bikes)   

After hanging around in the trees….

we went to Elizabeth’s bagels for breakfast sandwiches and iced coffees. I was starving by this point so those tasted delicious (no picture because I ate too quickly). After running a few errands it was back to the house. We played frisbee with Cora for awhile before we all were exhausted and needed to go in for a break. 

Later we made homemade pizzas (dough is made from Greek Yogurt and organic whole wheat flour- I’ll share the recipe later) 

  Hi Ben! 


While eating the pizzas we watched American Sniper- very good, emotional movie. 

Then headed outside to (attempt) to throw the frisbee again. (Frisbee throwing is not my forte.)

And we ended the day watching a few episodes of Modern Family (solid show but I only end up watching it when I’m with Ben, he loves the show)

Sunday we went to the 7:30 mass (no music, short and sweet πŸ˜‰)

And then came home and made protein pancakes! I had banana chocolate chip for myself and made plain for Ben- he’s so boring. 

I don’t think Ben really loved them because he kept adding syrup. But I will admit, plain protein pancakes don’t have a lot of flavor. Sorry Ben Boy. 

After we were protein-ed up, we headed out for an hour+ walk to and around my happy place πŸ™‚

I love this place. 

And I ALMOST got Ben in a selfie!

The walk back wasn’t as fun as the way there lol. Cora went after another dog (again) and then refused to walk because it was too hot. 

So uncle Ben had to carry her most of the way. 

(She’s so spoiled)

After finally making it back home, we left Crazy Cora in the house and we headed to the Army/Navy store. This was clearly Ben’s pick of activities for the day, but I must say, it was a pretty cool store!

And I’m pretty sure Ben would’ve stayed there for hours if I let him. 

But I was able to pry him away and we headed back home to hang outside until Mom came to pick him up. Then Brendan arrived home about 30″ later!  And we ended the weekend watching a cute love story called “Before We Go”. It was great.  Except I hated/loved the ending because it leaves you guessing about what happens. Just tell me! 

But that’s it. Another solid weekend. Shoutout to my brother Ben for being awesome and keeping me company this weekend. 


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