Find Your Happy Place

Hi there!

Writing to you from the train again- I like my Monday morning routine 🙂

This morning I woke up and did a casual 2 mile jog around the neighborhood (Brendan was doing 7). Then I can home, showered, made an egg sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin with avocado, and grabbed a coffee to go on my way out the door. It was perfect timing because Brendan was walking in the door from his run as I was walking out, so I got my daily kiss goodbye 🙂

But let’s back up to the beginning of the weekend.

Thursday night we went to the driving range. I wasn’t in the mood to embarrass myself again, so I watched Brendan hit a bucket of balls.

 Nice bum Brendan  😉

Then Friday morning I did some workout that I can’t even remember now (I need to write things down or I forget the next day).  Friday night my cousin Jackie and her fiancé Dan came over to see the house and share their engagement story. It was such a nice visit with them and she asked me to be in their wedding!

So excited to be a part of their big day (whenever that might be ;)).

On Saturday morning Brendan was doing an 11 miler. So I took Cora in the car and we drove along his route about 45″ after he left to give him some water. It was fun being the water girl! I wasn’t even the least bit jealous about his long run- I am quite content being his support system for his training. Originally I thought I was going to be envious of all of his running- but I’m not! Instead I am super proud of all of his hard work and happy it’s not me 😉

After the water handoff, I took Cora for a nice long walk. It was so relaxing.


This little pond is my new happy place 🙂 (I have a lot of happy places that I’ve discovered over the years).  It’s a place I go to that always puts me in a good mood. So if I’m running and in need of motivation, knowing that this spot is my destination will get me through it. Find your happy place.

Saturday night I went to see Magic Mike with a few of the crossfit girls. (Great movies ladies, go see it ;)). Then we went to Wicked Pizza for a drink and to split a pizza. It was such a fun night! So good to see my crossfit gals, I miss seeing their beautiful faces every morning! I wonder if I’ll ever go back to Crossfit- maybe someday.

Sunday morning I did a 3 mile pond loop (around my happy place)

I had never actually been all the way around the pond before so it was a fun (sweaty) adventure navigating the trails!

Then Brendan and I went to church (very nice Homily, singer/organist could have been a little better imo) and it was back to the house to wait for my mom and Ben to come over.  When they got there, we played Frisbee in the yard with the dogs then hung out in the dining  room (with the new curtains!)

And for lunch we went and got icecreams 🙂


To burn off some of that delicious treat we took the dogs for a nice walk when we got home (well, my mom and I did, the boys stayed at home, watching the Mets Game)

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing on the couch 🙂

And here’s me annoying Ben attempting to take a selfie with him:

(That’s his back)

And this is his hand….

He loves his big sister 🙂

And that’s it! Solid weekend. Now it’s Monday. Here we go again, my friend.


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