Lifts, Lakes, and lots of Love

Hi there!

Well that was another whirlwind of a weekend! It was our friends Rob & Jess’s wedding and it was at Hunter Mountain in NY.

Brendan was in the wedding so we went up/across there on Thursday for the rehearsal dinner. Before we hit the road, I took Cora for a nice hour long walk. I just wasn’t in the mood to run and it was pretty muggy, so I used Cora as an excuse to walk 🙂

Then after about a 3 hour drive we pulled up to the house we were staying at for the weekend. All I can say is Wow!

This house was AMAZING. It had at least 9 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms that I know of. I couldn’t believe this was a house, and we were staying at it!!

The rehearsal dinner was there that night – catered bbq- such a fun, laid back night!


And Rob gave an epic speech, that had my laughing and tearing up. Those are the best.

The next morning was wedding day!

Hi groom!


And what a beautiful day it was. Brendan went golfing with some of the guys so I sat around the house relaxing.

I also got a great picture that morning of the sunrise (I couldn’t sleep so I was up early)

And I sniped a picture of Rob writing out his vows! The “dynamic duo” line was my favorite 😉

After breakfast Jen and I headed to the hotel (we stayed at the hotel the night of the wedding) to check-in and get ready. And then it was wedding time!

They were saying their vows at the top of the mountain so we had to take the chair lift to the top. How cool is that?! ( I can just see the faces of some of my family members if I told them they had to take a ski lift to my wedding! Haha)

On the way up!

At the top:

It was such a sweet ceremony, so much love and laughter.

The beautiful bride and her Dad:


The Newlyweds!

And here’s typical Brendan, waving as he walked down the aisle

After the I do’s we headed back down the mountain for the cocktail hour/reception- where I ate so many appetizers. The little meatballs were SO good. (I made Brendan go back and get seconds thirds).

Then it was time for dancing! I suck at dancing but I still love it 🙂 (No pictures of me dancing, but just picture Elaine from Seinfeld)

These two are great. Such an awesome couple.

Such a fun wedding!

After dancing I hit the hay pretty early, but Brendan represented the family at the after party 😉

The next morning I went for a hike while Brendan went for a 5 mile run (I have no idea how he got up and did that!)

And I found a little waterfall!!

Before we left the hotel, Brendan had to play the claw machine in the games room (of course). I decided to test my luck and I won a Blue ball!! Haha! I was so excited! This will have to go on the mantle next to the blue ball award I got in college lacrosse (true story)

Then it was back to the lake house for a beer Olympics tournament! Here’s a big group shot of everyone:

The events were beer pong (Beirut), corn hole (bag-o), and KanJam.

I did fantastic at corn hole, not so well at the other two- sorry B!

But it was such a fun day all around. What a great idea to extend the wedding festivities!

I crashed early that night too (big surprise) and we were on the road early the next morning to get back for Cora girl.

Then it was back to work this morning!

Another great weekend in the books!


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