Live. Love. Lift. 

Good morning!

I just have to get through today and them I’m Scott free!! (Is that the saying? Who is Scott by the way?)

*After I published this I looked up the meaning of “scot free”.  Click here if you would like to be enlightened as well!

This Friday we have another wedding (which I’m so excited for!) and Brendan is in this one, so we are heading up (down? across?) to upstate NY on Thursday. Actually, I guess it’s not “upstate” NY, since I basically consider anything that’s not New York City “upstate”, but it’s in a really pretty area and they are getting married on a top of a mountain- how cool is that?! I don’t want to spoil anymore of the details, so I’ll save it for the full recap next week 😉

So today is my last day in the office this week, (I wish it was forever- how great would it be to say “This is my last day in the office FOREVER”) then I work from home tomorrow, and then it’s Mass Pike here we come!

I’m hoping to get in a couple rides and a swim over the next few days before we leave. (Because I have a feeling the only exercise I’ll be doing is at the Beer Olympics scheduled for Saturday.)

Today we did legs and shoulders. I love leg day! Have I said that before?

We started with back squats- my favorite:

I did 10 @ 85#, 8 @ 125#, 3 @  175, and finished with 2 @ 195 which was my old max so I was happy with that 🙂

Then we used the same rack to do push presses. (I’m much stronger at squatting then I am shoulder press. Anything overhead I suck at.)

After we did a few leg and shoulder machines then headed upstairs to Harrigan’s Hangout. We only had a few minutes before I had to hit the showers and Brendan had to hit the road running (I seriously am so impressed how he’s been keeping up with his marathon training- he’s way more diligent/dedicated/anal then I have ever been in training for a marathon). Since we were a little short on time we did the following WOD :

4 rounds of:

25 kettle bell swings

Run 2 laps

Then it was shower time, protein drink in the car, coffee at the train station and now I’m awkardly sitting next to a girl on the train that I’m pretty sure I know from Meditech, but didn’t make eye contact when she sat down. So now I’m creepily staring out of the corner of my eye trying to decide if it’s her, and probably won’t say hi either way. So awkward.

Ha! Happy Tuesday (or Thursday for me!)


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