Crazy Love

Hey there! My heart is still filled with so much love from this weekend. My brother Kenny and Heather (aka Xena) got married! Woohoo!

If you are following this blog for fitness motivation, come back tomorrow. Because today I am recapping my brother’s wedding weekend 🙂

Thursday night was mani/pedi with the bride and a few of the bridesmaids.

(Note to self: don’t wear a dress when getting a pedi)

Then my Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom from Florida were staying with us that night, so I went home to join them and Brendan for some yummy takeout and red wine. We sat around the dining room table catching up for hours. It was a nice relaxing visit with them, and it was so fun to have our first official house guests!

Friday I ended up taking off from work so I could spend some more time with Mary and Tom and show them around Franklin. Mary and I took a nice long walk with Cora, then we all went out for breakfast sandwiches and a drive around town.

After they left it was time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner!

The rehearsal went smoothly and the dinner was fabulous!

Here’s a pic of the bride-to-be and me!

And here’s Kenny giving his speech:

Lots of laughs all around 🙂

The guys.

Then before I knew it, it was Saturday morning- Wedding Day!!

I ran into my brother in the lobby in the morning and was able to have a nice brother sister chat before the big day got started (he was half asleep)

Oh Kenny. Still a goofball.  
Since the ceremony started at two, the girls had to start getting our hair and makeup done at 7:30am (guys have it so easy!)

Here’s a few pics of the girls getting ready:

And the beautiful bride working on the seating chart up to the last minute!

Ben came to hang out for a little bit/he had no where else to go because none of the other guys were around at the moment. So we hung out on the balcony for a little bit and had a typical Mandy/Ben life chat

And I made him take pictures of my hair and makeup 🙂

Then it was time to get dressed! I was able to snipe this great picture of Xena pinning the boutonnière on her father

And after a whirlwind of pictures, we were off to the church!

(I didn’t get any pictures off the church-but it was beautiful, and I’ll steal some photos from other people and post later!)

Ceremony was lovely- and it was extra special because  it was at the church that Xena’s parents got married at and the mass was said by Father Bishop who actually was the Chaplain in Iraq with my brother, Ryan, and Joe when they were all deployed. So it added a very special touch to have him being the one to marry Kenny and Xena.

After they said their “I Do!’s” it was time for more pictures (it was SO hot outside, but the gorgeous pictures will be worth it)

Here’s a few that Brendan took for me:


This one I love because Joe, Ben. And I clearly jumped way too early 🙂

Finally we made our way back to the trolley and on the way to the reception!

Then it was party time!!

 The song immediately following their first dance was “Shut Up and Dance With Me!” So I knew it was going to be a good night 😉

Here’s a pic of the Mother/Son dance (I’m bummed I didn’t get a pic of the Father/Daughter dance because I was off talking to someone- big surprise)

  (My mom looked amazing btw)
I was able to catch a close up of Kenny when he had a minute to sit down and enjoy the great food catered by Red Bones!

In addition to the great food, music/dancing, the centerpieces and decorations were beautiful

(Xena did all of the flowers, bouquets, decor on her own!)

And there was even fun lawn games, including Connect Four

I had a blast the entire time. It was so great to see my brother so happy and to spend time with my cousins whom I do not get to see that often. We had a great cousin circle going at one point, enjoying some wine, and hanging with Father Bishop!

Here’s a great group shot of all the cousins (missing 6 that weren’t there)

And here’s a pic of The Outlaws 😉

And a special shout out to my cousin Matt who said he enjoys reading my blog (you might be the only person reading this Matt- so here’s to you!! ;))

After a few more hours of drinking and dancing it was back to he hotel bar for the after party. (I didn’t take any pictures there, bc let’s be honest, no one looks good at that time of the night)

Brendan and I crashed by midnight, and then were up early for breakfast the next morning!

We found my mom enjoying a cup of coffee outside/prepping herself for a few more hours with the family 😉

After breakfast and goodbyes, it was home to recover with gluten free pretzels and iced coffees on the couch.

Cora was happy we were home

And we decided to end the awesome weekend with a special treat for dinner:

This was amazing. Homemade ice cream from the creamery in Franklin. We will definitely be back!

(Although I’ll have to take some lactose medicine beforehand or something because I didn’t feel too great afterwards lol)

Then it was time for bed, finally!

And Let me tell you how hard it was to get up this morning to go to the gym!

But we made it. Just did a few chest/back/shoulder exercises- but it was better than nothing!

And now it’s time to tackle Monday.  Two positives to Monday so far:

Secret note left on my car after the gym 😉

Yay Love.

And the cafe at the train station is now open!

Yay caffeine.


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