Fitness, Frogs, and 4th of July

What a weekend!! Go USA! How great was that- US Women’s Soccer Team winning the World Cup last night- perfect ending to the July 4th weekend!

How was your weekend?! I was on-call for work, so I was limited on my activities. But still managed to do quite a bit!

Friday was my mock tri and quick visit to Gillette to see Sophie run in the kids race.

Saturday Brendan had to get an 8 miler in. So we woke up early and I joined him for 2 miles out, then turned around and came back. So I did a 4 miler and he continued on to get his 8 in. Then we headed down to Wesport to see Rob and Jill who were visiting from Cali! It was so good to see them 🙂 But I didn’t get any pictures- which must mean I was having a great time because I didn’t even think to grab my phone (which probably isn’t the best thing since I was on-call!)

Although I did grab a picture of the toy Brendan won out of the claw machine at the gas station on the way down! We named him Fred The Frog.

Seriously, this man has won more times on claw machines than anyone I know.  It’s a weird special talent of his.

On the way back we stopped at the Franklin 4th of July fair and I got a delicious strawberry shortcake (one of my favorite things)

 Then we came home and made an epic platter of nachos and white wine spritzers. (Saturday is our cheat day)

And played outside with Cora for awhile. It was such a nice night out!

(She didn’t like the noise of the fireworks)

 Love this guy 🙂

That night we watched my crazy cousin Jackie on TV front and center at the Boston Pops 4th of July special

She loves America.

On Sunday we did normal chores- grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, yard work.

We also tried a new breakfast place- And it was delicious- two thumbs up from the Harrigans!

But my favorite part of the day was decorating my mantle!

I got the mirror, vases, candles, and even the pillow from TJ Maxx! Now I just need an area rug and new coffee table. And eventually a new couch so we can move this one into the basement. But little by little this room is coming together!

That night we just hung around and watched USA dominate in the World Cup. That was so awesome to watch. How bout that goal from mid-field?!!

And this morning it was back to the grind!


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