Mandy’s Mock Triathlon

Since last week’s tri got rained out, I decided to do a mock one on my own today. 

This picture is first thing in the morning, gearing up for “Mandy’s Mock Triathlon” 
I headed to the Y to get the swimming portion in. It was nice out and no-one was in the outdoor pool again, so I took advantage of the opportunity and got a solo swim in. Today I focussed on technique v. speed. I worked on bilateral breathing (breathing on both sides) and turning my torso when I breathe, not just my head. After I few laps I found my rhythm and I felt a lot more comfortable than I normally do in the pool. I ended up doing 20 consecutive lengths (so a little over 1/4 mile) and felt like I could have done more at the end, which is a good sign. 

Then I headed to the locker room to change out of the bathing suit into shorts, tshirt, and sneakers. After dropping my bag off with Brendan in the gym, I headed outside to get on my bike for a hilly ride. 

I had a nice ride all around Franklin. And found some great running trails that I can’t wait to try out. I ended up riding about 15.5 miles in about an hour-ish.

Then I dropped my bike off at the house. By that time, Brendan had returned home from the gym. So he joined me on the run portion. We did about 3 miles at an 8:35 pace, finishing before it got too hot outside. 


Although the transitions were a little longer than they will be in an actual tri, I have to say I felt really good! And I ended up swimming and biking a little further than I’ll have to in the next two triathlons I will be doing. So I feel confident I will survive- now I just have to work on getting stronger and faster!

This will probably not make me faster (funny that this tried to auto-correct “faster” to “fatter”), but it was my treat after completing Mandy’s Mock and I enjoyed every bite 🙂


We got frozen yogurts while watching my goddaughter run in the Finish At the Fifty race at Gillette Stadium- such a fun time! 
 And Sophie did amazing!


And totally not related but I have to show you my festive sunglasses:

And the great dress I just found at TJ’s!


Ok that’s it’s. Go enjoy your 4th!! Xo 


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