Live. Love. Lift. 

Good morning! I just have to get through today and them I’m Scott free!! (Is that the saying? Who is Scott by the way?) *After I published this I looked up the meaning of “scot free”.  Click here if you would like to be enlightened as well! This Friday we have another wedding (which I’m … More Live. Love. Lift. 

Crazy Love

Hey there! My heart is still filled with so much love from this weekend. My brother Kenny and Heather (aka Xena) got married! Woohoo! If you are following this blog for fitness motivation, come back tomorrow. Because today I am recapping my brother’s wedding weekend 🙂 Thursday night was mani/pedi with the bride and a … More Crazy Love

The Cure for anything is Salt Water- sweat, tears, or the sea

Hi there! Today is my Friday and I am pumped! My brother is getting married this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited 🙂 I am in the wedding, so the next few days will be busy with getting nails done, rehearsal dinner, hair & makeup, and lots of drinks and dancing. To balance out … More The Cure for anything is Salt Water- sweat, tears, or the sea

Quick and Easy

It’s Thursday before the 4th of July holiday and I am already in vacation mode. So this post will be a quick one. Here are two easy and fast “recipes” that are on my weekly menu: Egg/egg White Breakfast Sandwich: This is perfect for the mornings I head to work directly from the gym. I take … More Quick and Easy