Every Path Has Its Puddle

Well, after all that, the triathlon was reduced to a 5k. Womp womp.

Here’s a full recap of the triathlon duathlon run:

As you might know, I had my future sister-in-law’s bachelorette this weekend as well as my first tri of the season (second ever!) I was a little stressed on Friday attempting to pack for both and unsure of what I got myself into.

Here’s what I packed for the tri:

Wetsuit, rain running jacket, shorts, tank, sports bra, swim cap, goggles, sunscreen, anti-chafe glide stuff, deodorant, socks, sneakers, Vaseline.

Not pictured: helmet and bike (because they were already in the car), gu chomps, bananas and Lara bars

I also couldn’t decide what tank to wear so I tried on multiple.


And then of course I had to try on the wetsuit again…

As I was packing, I was chatting with Bobby (my bike guru) and getting some tips for racing in the rain:

“Clear googles are better than shades goggles. This will give you better sighting ability.

Don’t ride on white and yellow painted lines on the road, slippery when wet.

Probably most important, get some of those big ass ziplock freezer bags, I think their like 5 gallons bags. Keep your running sneakers in the bag in transition so they go on your feet dry. You can sprinkle baby powder around the rim of your sneakers to help your wet foot slide in.”

–Thanks for all of your great advice Bobby!

With this information and my car all packed- I headed down the cape for the bachelorette!

The Bach was so much fun- we relaxed on the beach, went to the Beach Tree bar, the Improper Bostonian, a nice Italian dinner, a karaoke bar, bought Cape Cod sweatshirts because we were freezing- and made our way back to the hotel around midnight on Saturday night.

Around noon on Saturday I had received an email from the race director that the swimming portion was being cut from the tri because of the impending storm. I was SO happy to hear that! I know I should’ve been bummed, but at the time, I was worrying about not getting enough sleep or fueling properly for the race. But when I heard the swim was cut, I was able to relax. I knew no matter how tired I was, I would be able to bike and run. (It was the swim I had always been nervous about).

So after getting to bed around 12:30am, my alarm at 4:00am went off way to soon! But I rolled out of bed, grabbed my bags and bike in the dark so I wouldn’t wake up the other girls, and headed out of the hotel room.

When I opened the door to outside, I could not believe me eyes. It was POURING rain, unbelievably windy, and the waves were unreal! I was so happy I wasn’t going to be swimming in the ocean! I made my way to my car looking like Mary Poppins on my bike- 3 bags on my back, pedaling into the wind and rain. I was getting pelted with sand and rain. I couldn’t believe I was going to have to ride my bike in this!

After an hour and half drive, I made it to the race venue in Cohasset. (It was still pouring). I got my race packet, and found a spot underneath the tent to get myself together and attempt to stay drive.  I put my number tattoos on, bike and helmet numbers, had my pre-race snacks, and hung out with the other crazy racers that were foolish enough to show up to participate in the monsoon.

tent (photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/cohassettriathlon)

Well it turns out, we really were all fools. 10 minutes after the race was supposed to start, they decided to cancel the bike part as well. It was just too dangerous- the roads were partly flooded, and the wind and rain was not letting up. So we were all just going to run a 5k instead! Some people were pissed (understandably so). But the race directors made a good call- and it wasn’t their fault, Mother Nature just had other plans for us that day. A lot of people actually packed up to go home when they announced it was just a run, but I stuck around. I was already soaking wet, had already paid the money, and I needed to run off the beers from the bachelorette!

And let me tell you, I had a blast running in the rain! I felt like a kid again. Sloshing through puddles, laughing at everything and nothing, it was great. (Not me in the photo, but wanted to show you what I was talking about!)

runner(photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/cohassettriathlon)

I didn’t run my fastest 5k, (well it was actually a tad longer than a 5k) but I ran at about an 8:14 pace. But considering I had only 4 hours of sleep, fueled on pizza and beer, and the awful weather conditions, I’m happy with my time. And I came in 4th in my age group! (There were only 20 in my age group that actually did the run, but still…)


(photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/cohassettriathlon)

All in all, it was a great experience. Things didn’t go as planned, but definitely for the best.

Then it was back home to change out of the soaking wet clothes, eat some food, and snuggle with my loves!

So now it’s time to start training for my next one! One month to Duxbury!


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