Got Me Some Gator!

Watch out world, this girl has new tires! 

After my fiasco with my flats, my friend Bobby aka my bike guru guy told me it might be worth investing in new tires. He suggested “gator skins” which are basically bomb proof.  He also said to pump my tires before every ride (that part I will have to work on). Bobby said this will limit the number of flats I encounter- he rides A LOT more than I do and this seems to do the trick for him. 

So I researched a little bit. These tires were about $60/each.  Brendan and I discussed it and he said it would be worth the investment since I will probably end up changing the tube a lot with my current tires, and especially since I have the tri on Sunday, I don’t want to be worrying about getting a flat. I justified buying them by the fact that I’m working July 4th weekend (so I’ll get a stipend that will cover these.)

So with our adult budgeting conversation out of the way, I headed back to my new favorite place. 

I walked in all confident, like I was a pro biker who knew what she was talking about and said “Hi , Do you have snake skin wheels? I mean, gator skin wheels, I mean.. Gator skin tires?!” Smooth Mandy, real smooth. 

These guys must love me. Not only do I come in asking stupid questions, I also spend money every time I walk in the doors. But they are great and super friendly, so I don’t mind giving them my business. 

I left my bike with them to put the new tires on- no way was I attempting that again!

30″ later I got a phone call saying it was all set!

Check out my new tires: 
I know Bobby said I should inflate them before every ride, but I am NOT touching these things until after the race! Then I’ll try pumping them again 🙂 The bike shop gave me a new metal valve converter thingy, so hopefully that’ll do the trick. 

I also need to buy a tire gauge. I only have a cheap handheld travel pump, so there isn’t one attached to it. 

I’m really becoming quite knowledgeable in this bike world! And getting so excited for the tri on Sunday. Although, my sister-in-law’s bachelorette is this weekend too. And the forecast for the race right now says 90% chance of rain and thunderstorms. Those weather conditions coupled with a hangover- I’m just hoping to finish this one!!

Now let’s chat about my leg workout yesterday. I don’t have any pictures because Brendan (my photographer) is traveling again. This is my only proof I was at the gym:

 Gooood morning sunshine!!

So first I wanted to get a strength session in. While I was waiting for the squat rack to free up, I did leg curls, leg extensions, weighted lateral lunges, and split leg lunges off a bench. And THEN I squatted. I did 4 sets, finishing with 185# for 3 (my goal is 200 which I’m pretty sure I can do, I’ve just never tried/am a little scared)
Then I went upstairs to Harrigan’s Hangout. Without Brendan, I really didn’t think I was going to be motivated to do much of a WOD. But there was a  workout posted on the whiteboard that sounded “fun”, so I gave it a go. (I don’t know what I was thinking). 

The WOD was:

4 Rounds of:

Run 4 laps 
30 overhead walking lunges (25#)
20 kb swings (36#)
10 Thrusters (65#)
5 burpees 

I wanted to quit after the second round. I forgot how much I hate thrusters! But I kept plugging away and finished around 28″. I was dripping sweat. It was awesome. I might not be able to move my legs tomorrow. But it’s ok, I need to taper/rest for the bachelorette/triathlon anyway!

Now I have to figure out how to pack for a bachelorette and triathlon in the same weekend….


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