How NOT to change a Flat Tire

So I had a flat tire. NBD.  I ordered a portable bike repair kit. Watched a few YouTube videos on how to change a flat, and was all set to take care of this on my own.  After struggling for hours, saying a few curse words, chipping a few nails,  I am now heading to the bike shop for the second time in a week. Here’s a recap of how this ordeal went down:

First: Take the wheel off (if it’s the rear wheel, you should release the break and move the chain to the smallest gear to make it easier to get the wheel off- I did not do this, and this was my first struggle)

Next: Figure out what all of these tools are for in the cheap Japanese repair kit you bought on Amazon

Then: Use the tool that looks like a shoe wedge to remove the inner tube (I actually had no clue there was an inner tube- I thought the patches went on the outside of the tire!)

Work your away along the tire until the tube is free (including the little valve part)

The tube is free! Now to figure out where the hole is….

I couldn’t find the hole, so I recruited the family to help

Brendan couldn’t find it either, so we tried immersing the tube in water to find tiny bubbles where the hole was.

No bubbles were found. And I was getting frustrated.

We decided to put the tube back in and put air in again. Maybe there wasn’t a hole and it just needed air.

This was tricky to get the tube back in. Actually the tube went in ok, it was getting the tire tucked back in over the tube. One tip for this part, start where the valve is first. Otherwise it makes it near impossible to get the tire back on the rim.

Again, I recruited Brendan for help because I couldn’t do it.

Finally got the tire back on, put air in it again with the mini pump, and it went flat (again.)

Ughh! I need a beer.

I was so aggravated at this point. I said Screw It! I’m taking it to the bike shop.

I took the tire to the local bike shop, explained what happened. They said “you probably have a slow leak. We can change the tube for you if you want.”

Not even 10 minutes later I walked out with a fully inflated tire!! I was so happy but also so mad that what literally took me hours took these guys less than 10 minutes to do!!

Now back home with my “new” rear tire, I realized my front tire needed some air (in comparison to its fully inflated sister wheel). So I thought, “I’ve got this. Just adding some air, no big deal.”

WRONG. I managed to completely deflate the front wheel. HOWEVER, I really don’t think it’s my fault! I’m blaming it on the pump. The little black rubber washer kept falling out and it seemed like it was bending the valve. So I swear, it was the pump.

Needless to say, I’ll be going back to see my new best friend’s at the bike shop tomorrow! I’m hoping they can show me what I’m doing wrong or confirm my theory on my faulty pump.

Ughh this is so aggravating! I guess it’s a good thing I’m getting this all figured out now before my tri on Sunday!

Sorry this wasn’t a very “happy” run fit post- but I did go for a run this morning, so that was fun!


One thought on “How NOT to change a Flat Tire

  1. Toooo funny-I LOVE my bike shop…they keep mine in great shape. And the “big, fat fanny” seat I just had them put on is a dream. You are just so brave to have tried to fix your tire on your own…what spunk! Have fun on your tri…go get ’em girl! Love you mucho.

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