How to Muscle Through A Monday

Why does it always seem like we have more Monday’s than any other day? Ugh they always come so fast!

To combat a case of the Mondays, we headed to the gym for a quick, heart pumping workout at 5:30am.  Today we did a few back exercises for strength: cable row and lat pull down.

Then we headed upstairs to Harrigan’s Hangout (it’s really the Functional Fitness area, but we are usually the only ones up there, so I named it Harrigan’s Hangout)

Today’s WOD was an “AMAP”. That’s another one of my newly made up acronyms. In Crossfit, an AMRAP is “as many reps as possible” in the given time limit. But, since we didn’t keep score of the amount of reps, we did an AMAP “as many as possible”. 

AMAP 10: (as many as possible in 10 mins)

10 kettle bell swings 

Run 1 lap 

10(ish) strict pull-ups 

Run 1 lap 

Here’s a few pics of our Monday morning fun:

 I HATE pull-ups. (This is technically a chin-up in the picture above). I switched back and forth from pull-ups and chin-ups, used 2 skinny bands to help, and didn’t do 10 reps every time. Oh well, I’ll get better eventually. 


Russian Kettle bell swings and running. These 2 I do love 🙂


Then we headed back downstairs for a few bicep curls before I hit the showers.

Now I’m sitting on the train waiting for my protein smoothie to melt.  

I left it in the freezer overnight by mistake. Womp womp. 

Since I have time to kill on the train, let’s recap Yesterday’s workout at the gym as well:

Strength was bench press: I recently found out my 15 year old brother can bench more than me, so I have a new goal in sight. 145# I’m coming for you!

Then our WOD was 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest for 16 mins of the following circuit:

Hang Power Cleans (65#)

Push Press (65#)

Double Unders

Hand Release Push-ups 

This was a sweat fest! 




That was 16 minutes of awesomeness. The 30 second breaks went by too fast!

The only bad thing about Harrigan’s Hangout is that there is only one bar up there. So Brendan and I have to quickly  switch weights (to make it heavier for him) in between sets/circuit rotations. Maybe they’ll put another one up there soon or once we get more comfortable at this place, we can just carry another one up there when we need it. For now, we make it work. Teamwork!

I love working out with Brendan. We really motivate and push each other. And it’s a great way for us to spend time together. Since on the days I commute to work I’m out of the house for 12 hours, we really had to make this morning routine work in order for us to see each other, workout, and be able to relax together at night. We still occasionally run together after work, but it’s nice to have the workout done in the morning, so if I don’t feel like running when I get home, I don’t have to. 

Ok I think my smoothie is almost melted. I’m going to go attempt to drink this without spilling it all over my white skirt. 

Happy Monday Morning!


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