Weekend Warriors

Hi! So many fun things happened this weekend. Here’s a quick recap of some of them!

Friday lunch break: Swimming at the Y!

I got to swim in the outside pool and had the whole pool to myself. It was great. And it was my first time back in the pool in almost a month ( so the tri next week should be interesting!)  I did 3 sets of 10 laps at a moderate pace (I have no clue what’s a good or bad pace, but I just go off how I feel). This time I really focused on my breathing. I tried breathing out under water and  inhaling when I lifted my head out of the water. It was tricky to get used to since I always hold my breath under water. But honestly, I was less winded doing it this way. So it’s something I’ve really got to work on until it comes natural. 
Next tri related activity of the weekend: fixing my flat. 

(This will be a whole separate blog entry.  Let me tell you, this was a feat. Anyone that tells you fixing a flat tire is  easy is lying to you.)


My one piece of advice- don’t get a repair kit with only Japanese directions. These were as helpful as IKEA’s instructions:


Other feats of the weekend included being the best cheerleader/bag lady at the Boston Spartan Super  

  (That’s me and my youngest brother Ben)

Brendan and Ben did the Spartan Super, which is an 8 mile obstacle course. I originally did not sign up because I have my triathlon next weekend, as well as my sister-in-law’s bachelorette, so I had a lot going on (and the Spartan races are expensive!). But I was so jealous when they took off at the starting line and I was left to cheer them on.  


They did so great though!  So proud of my guys. 

Brendan is such a goof. 


Check out Ben flipping over the fire!


Ben, Brendan, and Casey (Brendan’s friend from work). 

Then after they showered off and trecked back to the car, we headed to Wendy’s. I know, I shouldn’t mention that on a blog called “happy run fit”, but we only go twice a year: Brendan’s birthday and after a Spartan. 

And to finish our lovely Saturday, we did some yard work and watched Guardians of the Galaxy until we all fell asleep on the couch. 

Sunday morning consisted of church with B&B, and my mom. She came to Franklin to join us in our first mass at our new parish, St.Mary’s. And for the record, 7:30am at that church was the fastest mass I’ve ever been to. No music, short & sweet homily. We were out of there and back home enjoying coffee before the normal time we would just be listening to the Homily 😉

Then we went to the gym, and now we are heading to Ann & Larry’s for a Fathers Day dinner. 

Solid weekend. Hope all of you had a great weekend and happy Father’s Day to all of you dad’s out there!


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