Dom Dom Dom Dom Domsss

Oh good ‘ol DOMS. You always get me. For those of you that don’t know, DOMS is short for “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”.  It usually strikes 2 days after a tough workout. For me, the cycle goes something like this:

“Man that was an awesome workout.”

Next Day: “Ok I’m a little sore, but actually don’t feel too bad. This is great! I love working out!”

Following Day: “Holy crap I can’t move. Everything hurts. Why do I do this to myself?”

That was me this morning. After 3 days back at the gym, I was feeling it today. Usually we workout 5-6 days in a row before taking an off day. But since we are just getting back into our routine, I needed to listen to my body and take a rest today.

I had set my alarm (ok Brendan set the alarm because I never do) to get up and run. But when I sat down to pee this morning and didn’t think I was going to get back up, I made the call to skip the run and do a much needed yoga/foam rolling session.

I like to do my yoga out on the porch with a candle and music playing 🙂

Here’s a few fun yoga poses (Don’t judge my form. I’m by no means a yogi, but hope to some day get certified to teach. Put it on my list of life goals)


You might notice that our foam roller does not look like a foam roller. Well, that’s because it isn’t. It’s actually a large PVC pipe we got from Lowes. It’s a lot cheaper than a foam roller, and honestly, in my opinion, does a better job. The PVC is firmer than the foam roller, so it hurts more, but it’s a good hurt.

Here are some foam rolling/PVC movements that are my go to:

This one is great for your IT band: roll back and forth on the outside of your leg from just above your knee up to your hip. It’s really painful for me because I often suffer IT band issues. But this really helps to loosen things up a bit

Today my quads were also tight. So this one was needed to loosen those up as well. To do this, lie facedown on the foam roller with your elbows on the ground and pull yourself back and forth, again from above your knees up to just below your hips.

And this one was DEFINITELY needed today! My BUTT was so sore! (Oh how I love those squats.) For this on, you just sit on the foam roller with either knees bent or straight out, hands supporting behind, and you just roll slightly back and forth until you find that sweet spot of pain. 

This next one is good for your upper back. Lay on the floor, knees bent, butt off the ground, with the foam roller just underneath the top of your shoulders. You can start with your arms down beside you on the floor, but to get a deeper release, cross your arms in front of you as you gently roll back and forth along your upper back.

And my final stretch this morning was the “happy baby pose”. This felt AMAZING. To do this one you just lie on the ground, facing up. Bend your knees and grab your big toes (or calves, knees, or thighs- whatever you can reach) and then separate your legs out wide and gently roll side to side. I didn’t realize how tight my inner thighs were until I did this one. The picture isn’t the most becoming, but trust me, I was one happy baby on this pose.

And that was it!

Then I showered, enjoyed breakfast with Brendan and Cora, they drove me to the train, and now I’m heading to work with my coffee to go 🙂

Listen to your body today. It’s the only one you have!


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