Anaconda Don’t Want None Unless You Got Buns Hun


I feel like I got hit by a truck- and it’s awesome  🙂

Let’s back that truck up a bit. Brendan and I made our official return to the gym this week. (We attempted to last week- needed to wait for paperwork from the Quincy Y, long story short- we’re back at it!)

Monday night at the gym: crowded. Lesson learned. Will have to make mornings work! We just did a quick back and bi’s workout.

Yesterday: Making the morning WOD happen.  I packed a bag for showering at the gym and a bag for work.  We woke up at 5, worked out 530-615, showered quickly at the Y, and was on the 6:42 train heading into work. BAM!

We started off with bench press for strength (Brendan’s favorite) and then did a crossfit type of WOD:

5 rounds of:

20 kettle bell swings (36#)

5 clean and press (65#)

Run a lap (which really is 1/4 lap since it was on the indoor track at the Y)

(Brendan did heavier for kb swings and clean and press)

– holy crap this kicked my butt! It felt amazing and awful at the same time. So happy to be back at it!

Fast forward to this morning- man on man was I sore and wanting to sleep in! But after hitting snooze once, we were up and at it again.

Today was leg day- my favorite!

We started off with back squats

I did 3 sets of 10 @ 85#, 125#, 145#  and then did 2 at 175#, so I was happy I didn’t lose too much strength over the past month!

Then we did:

4 rounds of:

10 Dead Lifts (115#)

10 Wall Balls (16#)

Run a lap

This one didn’t feel as bad as yesterday, but it was still tough! And Brendan kept catching up to me on our little circuit rotation- he’s so damn fast!

Also, the 16# wall ball is heavier than I’m used to- and hurts when you take it in the face!

We did some additional leg accessory work and then headed outside to check out the outdoor section of the Y. They have an outdoor pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a whole campsite area for kids’ camps.

The best part- it’s next to the Franklin Town Forest , and we found a running trail! It’s a little muddy, so I’ll just wear my crappy sneakers 🙂

OMG- I just had to take a break from writing this post to let Cora out- and she found a snake in the back yard!!! I just totally freaked out. I saw her digging at something so went over to see what she was getting into. Next thing I know, she whips her head around and there’s a snake in her mouth! It was like a scene from National Geographic or something. I freaked out. The snake went flying into the grass. I grabbed Cora and put her inside. Then grabbed whatever I could find that would possibly kill a snake. (I actually had no intention of killing the snake but had to be armed in case it attacked). Mind you, I’m pretty sure it was only a garden snake or garter snake- I don’t know the differ- but still, it was scary. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the snake when I went back outside. But I found its snake skin!!!

How gross is that?! So I am freaked out about this missing reptile.

But Cora is on the hunt!

I love this crazy guard dog.

I think I’ll stay inside until Brendan gets home.

I really have to get used to this country life!  Haha.


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