Winning Weekend

Well, the 6:35 train was cancelled due to mechanical problems. So this post comes to you via my car as I wait for the next one. Remember when I said I loved the commuter rail?  I lied.

Anywho, how was your weekend? Mine was great! I’m so exhausted and starting a detox today (like every other Monday) so clearly it was a solid weekend.

It Started off with a lovely stroll around good ‘ol Oceanside, Long Island (or “Strong” Island as Brendan always corrects me). While Brendan was golfing with the guys, I took Cora for a nice long walk around Brendan’s neighborhood where he grew up. It was pretty hot and humid so after awhile, Cora decided she needed a rest.

Perfect spot to take a breather. And how fitting seeing as yesterday was Flag Day!
Then as we waited for Brendan to come home we relaxed with Hunter. Hunter is Brendan’s parents’ dog- a big chocolate lab who is so good with our crazy Cora.

Here is Hunter on my lap and Cora on my feet: 

They were waiting anxiously to see who won the golf tournament.

And soon after, the champion walked in the door! 

And now we get to take home this lovely trophy that Brendan made- lucky me!

I wish we had made a trophy for beer pong because I totally  crushed that later in the day! Ok, well maybe not crushed, but I held my own. And Rob and I defeated Brendan and Jess in double overtime in an exciting never ending dual.
Here’s a few pics from Mel & Jared’s bbq:

  Check out their awesome dog just chilling in the middle of corn hole.

And of course there was a fire pit. No bbq is complete without a fire. Well done M & J!

It was a ton of fun, good food, and great people. And of course I wore my favorite tank:

The next morning the girls all went to New Jersey for Jen’s shower at the Echo Lake Country Club.

The consumption of food and delicious drinks continued.  As well as the Harrigan’s winning streak!

I won this lovely tea cup during one of the bridal shower games. I actually don’t have any tea cups, so this will be the first in its existence in our china cabinet!

When the shower ended, we said goodbye to our NY friends and family, and it was back to Boston!

Now I am tired, in need of a serious workout, and eating clean this week!

Life is good 🙂


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