Pumped For This Weekend 

“Every week has a weekend” – damn right Brad Paisley.

And thank God this week’s weekend is here!

Let’s talk about the fun things coming up this weekend: tonight we are driving to Long Island and staying with the in-laws, tomorrow Brendan is going golfing with the guys from home, then we are heading to Mel and Jared’s for a bbq, and on Sunday I am going to a wedding shower on Sunday in NJ. Fun packed weekend!

And this weekend I will be sporting my new do. Remember how I said I found a grey hair on my head? Well after inspecting that picture further, I realized how bad my roots had grown in. And my hair was so long and dead and I was sick of highlighting it. I decided it was time for a change. So I called the salon that day and they squeezed me in for a cut and color that night!

This was me at work that day (hair pulled back, but you get the idea)

And then this was me after the makeover!

I love it! Feels so much healthier. Brendan thinks I’m turning into my mom with this haircut. This is only the beginning. Muahaha.

The Only downfall of the shorter hair is that it doesn’t stay back in a ponytail when I run!

So I’m on the hunt to find a good headband that will actually stay put when I workout.

Aside from the hair falling down, it was a great sweaty lunchtime run. I did 3.5 miles. I ran to that little conservation area I had biked through the other day. And here are the pics I promised!

It’s a nice little route. Great downhill on the way out, sucky uphill on the way back. But I’ve learned to “embrace   The suck” as they say in Crossfit. I’m starting to not hate the hills as much. Having to end the run with a hill almost makes the workout that much more gratifying. And the shower (or beers depending on the time of day) afterwards more satisfying 🙂

You know what else is satisying? Strawberry shortcake!

This was from the Strawberry Stroll in Franklin. How great is that? I love this town. Country livin’ at it’s finest
Oh I almost forgot to mention the tragedy from this morning!

My first flat tire 😦

I was all “pumped” for my ride this morning, but I was quickly “deflated.” Maybe it’s because we live near Foxboro now? 😉
I was out on the road for about 5″ when I realized I could basically feel the ground through my back tire. So I hopped off, felt the tire, and sure enough, it was flat. I don’t have a flat fix kit or mini pump yet- so I headed home and told Brendan we have a project for Sunday when we get back.

In the meantime, we went for a nice little family walk.

And Now we are off to Long Island!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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