It’s All Down Hill From “Hair”


I forgot my coffee in the car today. Fail. So this post might be lacking energy. Apologies.

(Brendan- I hope you enjoy the coffee! Thanks for the ride to the train :))

Although, I did enjoy a lovely breakfast sandwich this morning alongside strawberries from my garden!

Another use for those strawberries:

(And no, this was not from this morning)

 I know you are only supposed to do that with champagne and not wine. But whatever. It looks good.

Something else that looks good, my golf swing!  Well, not really “good” but we figured out that I am a lefty at least!

I am new to this whole golf thing and really had no clue what I was doing. After almost hitting a few nearby people and managing to hit the golf ball backwards during our last driving range excursion, I decided maybe I should give lefty a shot.

Here is the video clip from my last attempt at “golfing”:

And here I am last night: (Ignore my total whiff the first time.  It was a practice swing.)

Better, right?!  Or I should say, “Better Left!”

Here’s a few more pics from our golf outing:

mgolfBgolf  bgolf1

Brendan is pretty decent I must say.

After our victorious night at the driving range, we ventured out to a little dive bar called “Victory Lane” because why not right!? And come to find out, my good friend from college, who we used to call “Suppatime”, lives in that town (Millis) and frequents that bar! So now we’ll have a friend right down the street! Yay 🙂
Oh my gosh- can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this yet- must be the lack of caffeine- BUT…

I found my first legit grey hair today!

You don’t even have to zoom. Yikes! I always thought I found greys, but was able to excuse them as highlights. There is no excuse for this. That is unmistakably a GREY hair.

Welp, I had a great life. It’s all down hill from hair. 😉

Speaking of hills though, I found a great little 4 mile loop around my neighborhood that it isn’t as hilly!

4 mile loop

I did the loop twice because I was on my bike and wanted to get a little more distance in.

On this route I passed by a real farm, not just a fruit farm, but a real farm with animals. And it smelled so awful, it was great. I also passed by a Charles River conservation area and it was so peaceful looking. I’ll have to figure out how I can take pictures on my bike without crashing so I can show you.

Oh and one more thing before I get off the train- fiddleheads are in season!

Go get yourself some if you’ve never tried them!  Brendan describes them as “a salty mix between asparagus and kale”. (I think the salty part was my fault)

I thank my Maine native friend Kiley for introducing them to me!

Ok train is pulling in, time to go get myself some Dunks!


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