Harrigan’s Highs

Hi there! 

I was going to start this post with a “high and low” of my weekend, but there were too many so I’ll just tell you all of them:

Friday night:


Getting a mani/pedi with my mom, Auntie Laurie, and Auntie Cathy while sipping wine 


Spilling that delicious red wine all over my white shirt.  

(You can’t take me anywhere)



We went to the gym!!


It felt great to be lifting weights again. We did a chest, shoulder, tricep workout- my arms are so sore today and I love it 🙂 The Franklin Y also has a little station upstairs where we can do crossfit type workouts (bars, kettle bells, wall balls, pull-up rig) – I am psyched!  This is going to be great 

Low: We couldn’t officially sign up as members because I didn’t have my letter of good standing from the Quincy Y. (We need that so we don’t have to pay the sign-up fee again). Sorry B, I dropped the ball on that one.   Hopefully Quincy will just fax it for us. 

High: After the gym I had my future sister-in-law’s wedding shower! It was at Toby Keith’s bar- how fun is that?!  

After the shower we went to Kenny and Xena’s (that’s what we call my brother’s fiance) for some adult beverages and sunshine, then back home to take care of Cora girl. 


Low: working at the hospital from 7a-7p.  It really wasn’t too bad. They served us good food at least!  But sitting in a command center for 12 hours on a beautiful Sunday is just not my cup of tea. 


Coming home to a new sink faucet!    

It actually works and doesn’t spray water all over me when I do the dishes. 
Way to go Brendan. I’ll keep you around 😉

Oh and I forgot one from Thursday! 

Finding this mirror on the side of the road:  

  We picked it up on our way home from a run! 

Can’t wait to paint it and mount it over our fireplace. 

Alright well time to plan my run for tonight. (I’m slowly adapting to running in the evening now that I have to be out the door for work by 6:30am). 

Hope you had lots of highs this weekend!


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