Girls’ Night

Morning! It’s another day closer to the weekend 🙂

Even though it’s still raining I was able to convince Cora to go for a 30 min walk this morning. Since Brendan is away, she will be home alone longer than usual so I wanted to get her some exercise. It was actually a peaceful little walk in the rain at 530am, although a little chilly. What’s up summer?  After drying Cora off, I got ready for work, made breakfast, caught the weather on the news (more rain), fed the dog, got my lunch, grabbed coffee to go, and took out the trash. Man- my morning routine is a lot easier when Brendan is home! I can’t imagine doing this with kids. Props to all of you moms (and dads!) out there who do this on a daily basis with multiple mouths to feed and get out the door!

And I know you are wondering what I do at night when Brendan is traveling…

I set the table for one and have a nice dinner consisting of grilled salmon, sautéed peppers and onions, and a side salad. Oh and a glass of wine. Obviously.

Then after unpacking more of our things and doing a load of laundry —side note, it took a lot of courage to do the laundry when Brendan wasn’t home because it’s in the basement and basements are just scary (even though ours is finished and it’s actually pretty nice) and because I found a couple of spiders down there the other day and I’ve been freaked out since. But I “womaned up” and conquered my fear! Laundry done and spiders killed (sorry little guys, nothing personal)— I relaxed with a bowl of popcorn, a second glass of wine, and Twilight 🙂  Just me and Cora. Total girls night.

(and I apologize for the hair that is hanging from the bowl. That is so gross. #Longhairproblems)

How great is that bowl though? Thanks to some great friends, my old roomies in Southie!  I love anything with “Harrigan” on it. I’m a dork.

All in all it was a relaxing night. (Ok besides being nervous to be in the house for the first time alone.)

 Even Cora was a little nervous.

And this is where Cora slept the whole night

In Daddy’s spot. Normally we don’t let her sleep on the bed, but when Brendan is traveling all bets are off 😉
But we made it through the night! And now I’m off to work and enjoying this book :

Brendan didn’t love this book because he felt it jumped around a lot. Each mini chapter is a different tidbit about life/running. But I love it! Maybe because that’s how my brain works- constantly jumping from one thought to the next. (As you can tell from this blog) So I would recommend it.

Ok that’s it for now. Hoping to get a workout in when I get home.  Even though it has been a nice break from the gym- I’m looking forward to lifting weights again this weekend! Will keep you posted on our return to the gym and our workouts 🙂


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