Mondays With Mandy

Hey there! How’s your Monday going so far?

I attempted to take the dog for a quick run this morning, but she wanted no part of it. It started raining about 5minutes into the run, and Cora turns into a witch that thinks she will melt in the rain, so we quickly returned back home. Since I’m heading into the office today, I really only had a few minutes before I had to head out the door at 6:30. So I did a little mini WOD on my own:

3 rounds:

10 push-ups 

5 pull-ups

15 sit-ups 

20 air squats

Quick heart pumping workout and I was ready to attack my Monday!

I had just enough time to have a whole wheat English muffin with PB fit, catch the weather on the news, grabbed a cup of coffee to go, and kissed the husband goodbye (He’s off to South Dakota for a work trip so it’s just me and the Cora girl for a few days)

Hopefully I’ll be able to make some progress on some of the projects we started around the house while Brendan is away.  I’ll show you a few pics of what I’ve done so far:

Painted the fireplace and living room walls:

Before :

Started to resurrect the garden out front:




And here’s me pretending I know what I’m doing:

I’ve said before who needs a gym when you own a home? And after a day of yard work I still fully support that statement! (We are going to start going to the gym again when Brendan gets back from his trip- but between moving, yard work, and running/biking the hills in our neighborhood, I’m feeling pretty good/exhausted!

This was my 10 mile ride this weekend

I love using Map My Ride because you can see your speed v elevation 

(I need to get more speed on the hills- but I’ll sure get the practice in our area!)

I followed it by a quick little run and then it was back to house chores!

Now it’s off to work. Booo. But at least I have an excuse to sit down for awhile!

Oh Mondays. 


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