Run Happy

Morning! It’s Friday!! Yay!

We started off the morning with a great 4 mile run around our new neighborhood. And obvi I had to snap a pic before we started.

Goooood morning Brendan! (Our outfits matched. Not planned. But I loved it. )

As many of you know Brendan is a FAST runner, and now that he has the New York marathon on his calendar, he is gearing up into full running mode.  Which makes me so happy for him, but at the same time aggravated/jealous that I cannot keep up with him.  (Not that I really ever could.) But as anyone who has run with a partner who is decidedly faster, knows it can sometimes be frustrating. You feel bad when they slow down for you because you feel like you are holding them back. But then you get mad when they run ahead of you and you think “damnit slow down!” It’s a lose lose battle. And I feel sorry for Brendan because no matter what he does I will probably get mad at him at some point during the run. (Sorry love).

tortoise and hare

I’ve contemplated not running with him- but I really enjoy that time together! So I’ve come up with a plan – I will listen to music and run my own run and not worry about what Brendan is doing. We’ll be out there on the road together and if he chooses to slow down or speed up- I won’t care, I’ll just be zoning out to my music and the scenes we pass. I also will not run with him on his speed days, only on his “slow” days 🙂

Today for example, I focused on the fences or the stone walls that I liked instead of getting aggravated that Brendan was sprinting up the hill.  You just need to find your happy pace!

And honestly, it was great! I loved the run this morning, we did our own thing during the route, Brendan would pull ahead at times, then slow down at times to let me catch up.  But we finished together, let Cora out, and made breakfast- my favorite part of the day.  Happy Harrigans. 🙂

Oh and have I mentioned the HILLS in Franklin?! Holy crap, there’s no escaping them!  Take a look at my bike route I did on Wednesday:


One thing Franklin does not have is a lack of hills! Man oh man. And we happen to live at the top of one, so there’s no avoiding it. Ugh. Guess I’ll get my hill training in!

But it is a great place to ride/run around – a lot less traffic then Quincy, and there’s farms and conservation land right around the corner!  So peaceful.

Speaking of farms- I need to learn how to garden!  The previous owners were growing strawberries, blueberries, asparagus, garlic, and some other things I can’t yet identify. So I would love to keep those growing and add some vegetables of my own- but I have no clue what I’m doing. So mom, you are going to have to come help me.

For now, I picked these flowered from our yard!

So far this whole home owner thing is great! (Minus Comcast- ugh the worst.)

Let’s end with a pic of me chillaxin’ on the deck at sunset.  Pure bliss.

 That’s it for now! Make it a happy Friday 🙂


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