Happy Trails 

Good morning!  Let me just start by saying I love the commuter rail. (It’s only Day 2). Currently I’m sitting in my own seat, listening to Matty In The Morning, surrounded by friendly people who greet each other.  This is great. (Remind me I said that in the winter when I’m hating it or experiencing major delays.)  But for now I’m going to enjoy my “me-time” on this peaceful hour long train ride.

Ps here’s a pro tip of what to do when you wake up and your hair looks like this and you don’t have time to wash it:

Fish-tail braid! Perfect wild hair taming solution

One thing I do miss about my new morning routine is time with Brendan. We used to sit and enjoy breakfast together watching GMA and judging Ginger’s (the weather gal) outfits.  (She has great taste and my daily choice of work attire was usually inspired by her.) Now I have to leave the house by 6:30am so we don’t have time for that. (But Brendan got up early and made me a quick breakfast AND texted me a description of what Ginger’s outfit looked like when I was waiting for the train this morning- isn’t he great?)

With the new morning routine, I also have to adjust my workout schedule. I would normally go to the gym in the morning, almost everyday. Which is still doable if I get up super early, quick workout at the Y, and then go straight to the train. But who wants to rush like that? I mean, if we had kids and that was my only option, I’d suck it up. For now, I’m thinking I won’t go to the gym on days I commute (maybe ill get a quick run or bike in) and then the days I work from home I’ll join Brendan in gym workouts. Lots to figure out. New plan coming. Stay tuned.

For now, let’s talk about our last run in Quincy.

Such a perfect morning run.

  I love running trails. It keeps your mind constantly engaged (“watch out for that tree root” “was that a bear?”) so it’s a great way to not think about anything other than the trail ahead of you.

Hey that’s me!

And there’s Brendan way ahead of me on the hill. He crushes hills. He likes to sprint up them to get them over quicker. Me, I take the sloooww and steady approach. But he always waits for me at the top!

Brendan hates selfies- especially mid-run 🙂

And then we said goodbye to Quincy.

It really was a bitter sweet run. I’m going to miss our little trail route- but excited to find new trails in Franklin!

Onward and upward.

Happy trails to you!


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