Who needs a gym when you have a house?!

Hey there! Happy Monday Tuesday!  Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend to kick off the summer!

Brendan and I had an AMAZING weekend… We bought a house!!!

I am still so excited and overwhelmed and nervous!  This means we are really grownups now.

The house is AWESOME. (Or at least I think so. )


Moving is NOT awesome.

But we made it as fun as possible and didn’t kill each other. Shout out to my brother Ben for being a rockstar and helping with the move!

We decided we were strong dumb enough to do the moving all on our own. It was a struggle, but minus a few black toenails and scraped ceilings, I think we did a good job!

Brendan tracked his steps using his FitBit and it was near 20,000- just from moving- we didn’t even run that day!

Once everything was unloaded into OUR house, it was time to celebrate!

 Well deserved 🙂

We weren’t the only ones smiling- Cora loves having the new yard to play in!

Even though our stuff is not even close to being unpacked, we already have many projects under way.  I’m  tackling the inside (painting,decorating) and Brendan is in charge of the outside (yardwork).

Both of us worked for 8 hours straight yesterday on our own tasks. And man were we exhausted after!! (Pics of projects to come later)  We don’t have cable or internet set up yet, but we didn’t need it! I don’t think we sat down on the couch all weekend.  Although, I’m really looking forward to relaxing on it tonight when I get home from work!

We intend to start going to the Franklin YMCA but honestly we have been too drained from moving and fixing up the house to even think about going to the gym!

But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it 🙂

(Those are Brendan’s hairy legs not mine)


2 thoughts on “Who needs a gym when you have a house?!

  1. love the house! it’s perfect, I can’t wait to visit ALL THE TIME
    You are awesome, I’m so glad I got to see you guys this weekend before your ridiculously busy summer begins!


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