Swim Etiquette

Hi there!

If you are like me, you don’t worry about a lot of things, but random, small things stress you out. For example, going to the dry cleaners. Our lovely dog Cora peed all over our new white comforter, and we needed to have it dry cleaned. I’m a 31 year old woman who had never been to the dry cleaners on her own before.  So it sat on our porch for 3 weeks until I finally asked Brendan to go with me to the dry cleaners. (True story).

Another random thing that stressed/s me out: not knowing what direction to swim in when sharing a lane with another swimmer.

Do you stay on one side? Or do you swim in a circular direction going up on one side and coming back the other? What if there are already two people in the lane?!

I was so afraid of doing this wrong and looking like a fool. (Admittedly, I often look like a fool, but I try to avoid it as much as possible!  I pretend I know what I’m doing more often than not in life.)

So After sitting and watching other swimmers from the side of the pool like a nervous guppy, I observed:

When there are two people sharing a lane, you split the lane and stay on one side.

Unless you are in a swim class, those swimmers go in a counterclockwise direction in the lane, one after another.

But What if there are already two people in the lane?

Well, if you are me, you sit on the side and wait for a lane to free up! Duh!

But if you are normal, and not afraid of interacting with other swimmers, THIS is when you swim in a counterclockwise direction too!

All of this was confirmed by the Franklin YMCA’s swimmer’s etiquette (thanks Franklin! 😉 )

(Your pool might have different guidelines but from the research I’ve done, this seems pretty standard)

And now you know!

Speaking of getting wet… (I tried to transition, it didn’t work…)

Did you see the mini sun hailstorm we had on Tuesday?! That was so awesome to watch! (We don’t get them too often here in the Northeast so when they happen I find them pretty interesting!)

The picture doesn’t do it justice: 
I love watching a good storm!

Cora, not so much: 

That’s pretty much all I’ve got going on right now- 18 more hours and my on-call week for work is over! Woohoo!
To show you how boring my conference calls have been this week….. 

….those are the notes I took.

(Hopefully none of my co-workers follow my blog ;))

Ok that’s it. Hope you have a good night- it’s almost Friday!

Keep on swimming.


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