Let It Go

After an exhausting work day, the best remedy is hitting your feet on the pavement to the beat of your favorite music. For me yesterday, the first song that came on my playlist was “Let It Go”. Yup! That’s right. From Disney’s Frozen. And it couldn’t have been more perfect.  I jogged along the waterfront, letting go of all built up tension from the day.  “It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small”. God, I love that movie/song. (Note: I do not have any children so I was not forced to watch this movie a billion times.  But I might’ve chosen to)

And even though it was a little cloudy yesterday, the view outside my office is pretty sweet :


So after a few sweaty miles I was back to being happyrunfit 🙂


Another great way to “let go” of stress? 

Watch The Notebook, with a glass of wine, and some gluten free pretzels. 

Ok maybe that’s only me. But those are three of my favorite things. And exactly what I needed last night. (Shout out to Brendan for being awesome and making that happen.)

Speaking of Brendan, he had a potluck meeting at work yesterday so I made some “skinny banana chocolate chip muffins” for him to bring in. These were so good so I figured I would share the recipe. I got the recipe from this site:

  Don’t they look delicious? 

And they are pretty healthy! I suggest you give them a try.  

Well my train ride is almost over so I’ll do a quick recap of my workout this morning:

(I’m still on-call for work and have had to be in Charlestown for early meetings every day, so my workouts are taking a little bit of a hit this this week. Don’t you hate when work gets in the way of your life?! Why can’t we all just workout and eat for a living. If you have a job like that, hook a girl up!)


This morning I went for a quick bike ride to a little past the blue hills reservoir (I think it’s a reservoir?) and back. It was about 7-8 miles. And it started pouring rain on my way back. But it made me feel like a real biker. Like “hey check me out I’m a hard core biker out here in the rain!”  In reality I was so nervous the breaks wouldn’t work in the rain or my feet would slip off the pedals. But neither happened and I made it home in time for a quick shower and breakfast. 

And now it’s work time ! Yayy! (If I lie to myself and pretend I’m excited to jump on an all day conference call/webex it might not be so bad ?) 


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