Just Another Manic Monday

“It’s just another Manic Monday

I wish it was Sunday

Because that’s my fun day

My don’t have to run day”

That song couldn’t be more on point today.

Hi. It’s Monday morning. Greattttt.

Do yourself a favor and make yourself get out of bed to workout on Monday mornings. Even if it’s just a quick stretch/yoga session. Your body and mind will thank you.

Me on the other hand, did not follow my own advice. I let one excuse after another allow me to continuously hit the snooze on the alarm. My morning went something like this:

4:45 alarm went off: ehh I went to bed late I can sleep a little longer

4:54 alarm: crap I have to go to work early, I don’t have time to go to the gym

5:15 I’ll just go for a quick run at 5:30

5:30 it’s too hot, I didn’t sleep well, I’m snoozing,just five more minutes

6:00 crappp now it’s too late to do anything

And I got up, made breakfast in a daze, grabbed coffee to go. Now I’m sitting on the train in a grumpy mood kicking myself for not getting up to do SOMETHING!

Somedays, I agree, you need to give your body a rest and sleep in. Today was not one of those days. I know personally on days when I wake up grumpy and dreading the work day, the best way to counter that attitude is a quick,heart pumping workout. So do yourself a favor, never miss a Monday.

Even though this morning started off sub par, I had a great/busy weekend! Here’s a few pictures from the highlights:

Sunset over Boston skyline  

S’mores with the Saint A’s girls and Caden!

My goddaughter Sophie’s first dance recital!

Mother’s Day Picnic at the Beach:

IMG_2508 IMG_2516

“Walking” Cora:


And that’s it!

Go Make Today The….


(My new favorite tank top)


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