Stop and Smell the Roses

Happy Friday!

TGIF right?! I am SO happy the weekend is here.

Yesterday I spent the whole day at a Tech Summit. (I know, I’m not really sure what I was doing there either. When did I become a techie?)

Let’s just say this was the best part of the whole conference:

Enough about work stuff. Now let’s talk about things I care about!


Last night I got to see my friend Jackie who was home from Hawaii (yes, she actually lives there, and I’m so jealous of happy for her!)

She works for this amazing company called doterra and she happened to be in the Boston area teaching some classes. Jackie held a “class” (more like a cocktail hour with friends talking about the great products her company has to offer)- it was such a wonderful evening and I learned so much!

Check out this spread :

So many yummy, healthy treats!

The salmon and goat cheese on gluten free crackers were my favorite! (I’m going to try and reproduce them- I’ll let you know how it goes)

Also, champagne with a drop of wild orange essential oil is fabulous! Just like a mimosa without the sugar and additives in orange juice. Plus the oil provides so many other great benefits (relieves stress, eases anxiety, detoxifies and disinfects!)

I learned a lot of information about these natural oils last night and I’m currently reading this book :

Essential Oils

So feel free to ask me any questions about doterra if you are interested! I’ll share my experiences as I experiment with a few of their products!  I love trying new things to improve my health.

Thanks Jackie for a great night- I need to plan my trip out to Hawaii ASAP 🙂



This morning I slept in instead of going to crossfit because I didn’t get home from Jackie’s until 10:45pm and I need at least 7 hours of sleep to function. Sorry for bailing on you early birds!

 But I did try on my new wetsuit this morning!!!!

(Ignore my pose. Not sure what I’m doing. Flexing? Swimming?)

This was as exciting as trying on my wedding dress! Kidding. Kinda.

And it zippered! Unlike the first time I tried on my dress! Already a win in my book.

(Thanks for humoring me and taking the photo Brendan ☺️)

Luckily since I’m working from home today I got to take a bike ride at lunch.

And guess what? I finally figured out the gears! I took the info Bobby gave me, filed it in my head, and then when I was riding today, it just *clicked*! (See what I did there?)

With my new found confidence, I decided to do a few (small) hill repeats

That hill goes up to the Quincy Marriot, which is where we stayed after our wedding, so this hill has a special place in my heart 💗

(And it makes my heart rate go up!)

After the ride I took Cora for a quick run and she was very happy!

But there was a lot less running and a lot more smelling of flowers

Oh well! It was nice outside and I was in no rush to get back to my computer 🙂

Now it’s back to the grind.

(Water with Slim and Sassy oil with a few blueberries!)

Can’t wait to make pizzas tonight with the hubby! (I always look forward to food Brendan coming home from work)

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Cora says: Make sure you take time to stop and smell the roses! rose


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