Hump Day with the Harrigans

Happy Hump Day!

I love Wednesdays because I get to work from home and it means the work week is half over! Whoop whoop!

So how were your Cinco de Mayos? Any fun fiestas?

At the Harrigan household we made a Mexican-ish dish (it had black beans and hot spices, that counts right?) from the Runners World Cook book that my lovely cousin Heather gave me!

Here’s the finished project:

Salmon, black beans, and sweet potatoes topped with avocado
We didn’t have any shrimp Like the recipe called for, so I used salmon instead. But it was so good! A tad spicy, I think I used too much red pepper. (I don’t really ever measure things).

Here’s me pretending I know how to cook!
And whenever I’m cooking, you’ll find me sporting this apron from my friend Sasha:

 (Best workout ever! 😉 )

Although, I recently decided I was going to limit the wine I drink during the week ( I LOVE a nice glass of wine with dinner, but it was turning into 2 glasses, so I needed to cut that habit)

Butttt that being said, it was Cinco De Mayo, so we decided to make one fun cocktail each. (After we each wrote out 5 wedding thank yous. That was our reward. And the motivation we needed to get those darn thank yous done. Not that I’m not grateful for all our wonderful gifts, I love them/you all- but come on, you all know writing thank yous is a pain in the butt!)

Ok back to the fun cocktail. We used vodka that my mom gave us as part of our “newlywed survival kit”.

(My mom is awesome)

And mixed it with a zero calorie flavored sparkling water.

I went with the pink lemonade flavor and Brendan went with the black raspberry flavor. I also threw in a few blueberries, but Brendan doesn’t like fruit in his drinks (or on his salad for that matter, random fact). He’s weird.

And that’s it! Easy, fun cocktail. Perfect for sitting on the porch taking in the sun at your beautiful beach house on the Cape, or from the balcony on your one bedroom apartment in Quincy overlooking your neighbors smoking on the balcony across from you. Either way, it’s great, and totally sets the mood 😉 

Mine is in the fun glass with the fruit because fruit is delicious in basically any drink, BRENDAN. Brendan’s is in the Jets glass. (I know- it’s hard admitting I’m married to a Jets fan. I try not to hold that against him.)

I’m glad I stuck to one of those delicious drinks because this morning’s WOD was a METCON (metabolic conditioning) – which basically means an extra sweaty, heart pumping, never ending workout of death. They are my favorite.

Today was:

AMRAP (as many reps as possible) for 22 minutes:

200 double unders (jump roping on steroids)

As many calories on the erg (rower) as possible in the time remaining. -I hate rowing for the record

This WOD looks harmless on paper. But trust me, you will be dripping in sweat and gasping for air at the end. At least I was. And it didn’t help that I couldn’t buy a dub today if I wanted too! (Which means I sucked at those damn double unders today and kept tripping up on the rope.) Which actually meant less time rowing, so maybe it’s a win?

Either way, it’s done! I’m still alive. And now I can enjoy my coffee 🙂

Happy Hump Day!


One thought on “Hump Day with the Harrigans

  1. Your blog is awesome…I feel like I’m visiting with you. Keep it up…can’t wait til it includes baby stuff…but that’s not for awhile! P.S. I couldn’t do your workouts-I’d die a slow, miserable death right there at the gym…but I’ll stick with oldsters at the YMCA and go a round on the machines!


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