Cinco De Mayo!

I actually didn’t realize it was cinco de mayo until right now, so I don’t have any fun corona/cora wearing a sombrero/breakfast burritos pictures to share with you. But I do have this photo that Brendan just sent me while I was walking to the train

So cute right? Sorry if you are sick of my dog photos already. They probably won’t stop.

(I have about a 15 min walk to the train so if you are thinking a lot of events happen during the course of my walk, you are correct)

Yes! Shut Up And Dance With Me just came on the radio again. Haha love that song. Even though they are overplaying it on the radio, but whatever.

Speaking of my commute, check out this picture from yesterday on my walk from the office to the train (yes, I walk a lot):

So even though sitting at a desk is sometimes brutal torture for my constant need to move/talk with humans/dogs/plants, at least I have this scenery to look forward to at the end of the day.

And then when I got off the train, look who was waiting for me!

(Sorry, another dog picture. I just love those two!)

Ok so workout today (I need to work on my transitions, but oh well. Here we go…)

Today I did a WOD (workout of the day) at Crossfit 781 with my early birds again. (The early birds is a name we gave ourselves to the insane group of people that willingly get up to suffer through brutal workouts together at 530am. These people are awsome and make me smile)

The WOD was:

30 kettle bell swings (35#)

20 toes to bar (you hang on the pull-up bar and swing your feet up to touch the bar- I suck at these and only do one at a time)

60 wall balls

20 toes to bar (still sucked the second round)

30 Kettle bell swings

I scaled the weight of the KB’s and T2B. RX was 53# and 30 T2B each time – ain’t nobody got time for that!

(Jk- that’s awesome if you did RX I just wasn’t feeling it today lol)

It was a great sweaty workout with great people 🙂

Then I came home, took a quick shower, and walked out to a wonderful breakfast made by my wonderful husband

And that’s it! Go have a corona or something Mexican. Or maybe wait until it’s at least noon. Or not. You only live once. C’est la vie! Wait…I think that’s French…



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