Sweet Sunday

Hi there! What a lovely little Sunday. I love when I have no real agenda on Sundays and can tackle the day anyway I please.

Today started with a 15 mile bike ride with my friend Bobby (aka Crumb Sullivans – he eats a cupcake before every race. True story) I know Bobby through his wife Ellen whom I met at crossfit. Bob is a big time triathlete/ultra-marathoner/crazy adventurer guy, so I was a little intimidated to join him in a ride to say the least! But I knew I needed to venture away from my little office parking lot route and be a big girl and go on real streets (with cars). The route he took me on was awesome (and hard!) It was a hilly route through Blue Hills/Milton but it had such amazing views (that’s the important stuff right?)

I’m still struggling with the gears a little bit, but today I mastered the basics:

1. Shift up when going down hill/when it’s easier/flatter

2. Shift down when going up hill to make it easier

3. There is a “big chain” and a “little chain” and the gears on the left control switching from one to the other (I’m still working on mastering when to use that one).

4. Try to only switch gears when you are sitting down. When you are standing up you are putting a lot of pressure on the thingy that switches gears, so that’s why it sounds like you are breaking the bike when switching gears.

5. Don’t drink 4 beers the night before you go for a hilly bike ride. (Your head will hurt during/after)

Lessons learned.

Overall, the ride was great and I can’t wait to do it again – thanks for all the tips and for staying with me through the hills Bobby!

After the ride, Brendan and I had a donut date planned. So we took Cora for a two mile walk (have to earn the donuts!) and then headed to the Donut King!

If you live in the area and have never been to the Donut King before – I suggest you go! (Thanks to Ellen and Bobby for introducing me to this gem). My favorite is the Original glazed.  It’s so good. (And helps with mild hangovers)

Oh and if you are wondering where I drank the delicious/headache inducing beers, it was at our friends “wing-off”/Kentucky Derby/boxing fight party.  (No, we didn’t stay for the fight- that’s way past our bedtime)

Yes, I wore a fun hat.  (Thanks Mom! I always made fun of your big floppy hats, but yesterday, I appreciated your style and I’ll bring back your hat, I promise)

The party was so fun! Lots of delicious wings

And fun people!

They even had mint juleps! (I’m glad I didn’t have one because I might not have made the 7am bike ride if I had!)

 Oh and I know you are all wondering: The winner of the wing off, for the second year in a row…

drum roll please….

was our friend Jay.

His were delicious, I can’t argue  his victory. But Brendan’s wings came in second! He lost by only two votes. Way to go babe!

If you ask Brendan for the recipe he’ll say:

“I don’t know. I just winged it. ”

He’s so punny 😉

Ok back to enjoying this beautiful Sunday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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