Newlywed and new to tris

It’s NFL draft night and Brendan (my wonderful HUSBAND -I still love saying that- can you tell I’m a newlywed?) wanted to watch it  (although he isn’t really watching the draft, he is on his kindle, with the draft on in the background, but its on, just so he can say he watched it in case anyone asks.)  So while Brendan is “watching” the NFL draft, I thought, “I am going to write a blog.” So here I am- being a good wife, pretending to care about football and writing about things I love- fitness, food, and fun!


Not only am I newly married and new to blog writing, but I am also new to the sport of triathlons!  I completed my first sprint triathlon last summer (the Cohasset Triathlon) and I absolutely loved the entire experience!  Prior to the triathlon I had not done any real training.  (When I say real, I mean I didn’t step foot into a pool or get on a bike- but I was doing crossfit 5x/week and running a few times/week, so I was in decent shape but in no way truly prepared for a triathlon.)  I’ll do a full recap of my first triathlon at another point.  But for now, I’ll just say that my first “tri” at a tri was AWESOME! I immediately fell in love with the sport and vowed to actually train for the next season


.Fast forward a year, and here I am, ready for my first “real” tri season!  My HUSBAND (!) 😉 bought me a new road bike (I still have to figure out the gears- if anyone has a good tutorial/pointers, let me know!), I worked on a color coded training plan that incorporates swimming twice/week, running three times/week, biking three times/week, and strength training/crossfit -2-3 times/week, and I am pretty excited about life right now!  I just love the spring.  I don’t know why I don’t live somewhere where its like this weather year round

. After this dreadful winter (I live just outside of Boston) I had been eager to get outside and hit the road and to get in the pool. I just hadn’t been motivated with all the snow on the ground andfreezing temps.  But I woke up yesterday morning and said “Today’s the day.  I’m going for a swim.”  So I dragged myself out of bed (actually, I won’t lie, I love the mornings, so I pretty much jump out of bed in the morning, It’s a new day!) and headed to the Quincy Y to swim 850 yards.  (No, not 850 yards straight, I took lots of little breaks, but pretty much split it into 3 sets of 10 lengths, and then threw in a few more lengths at the the end.)  I was gassed, but it felt good to be in the water!  Note to self: Learn how to exhale in the water, instead of trying to quickly exhale/inhale outside of the water.  I think I need like basic “how to swim” lessons- like when to breathe, turn your head, etc.  I’m pretty sure I’m doing it all wrong.


P.S. Swimming makes me SO hungry!  I couldn’t make breakfast fast enough when I got home! (Ok- BRENDAN couldn’t make breakfast fast enough- he makes breakfast while I shower/get ready- he’s the best- thanks dear!)

That afternoon I was so inspired after my swim, I took my bike for the first spin of the season yesterday (after I watched a YouTube video of how to put your front wheel back on your bike. haha What? I said I was a newbie!) And it was so great to be back on the road! (I still get nervous I am going to get hit by a car so I basically just did laps around an office complex down the street, but it has a big hill! So there’s that.  Its a start.  Ill research good biking trails in the future  tomorrow morning at work.)

Today I spent the day researching training plans and reading (on the train, not at work, I swear) “You Are An Ironman“- a fantastic story about real life/normal people (actually no-one that does an Ironman is really “normal”, but you know what I mean) completing their first Ironman(s?).

I’ve got the tri bug and I don’t care who knows it!

Ok time for bed- 530am CrossFit class will be here before I know it!


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